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Hi there, I wanted to ask a question about international admitted students. My son has been accepted into Deerfield, Choate, and Hotchkiss, and we’re wondering if he needs to revisit any of these schools. For example, he has to fill out a form for spring revisit days at Deerfield. Is this required? Also, I would like to know if the school provides any travel packages (my son is accepted with full FA) or if we need to cover the cost ourselves as we’re way far from Deerfield. Thank you

Hello, Deerfield parent here. Revisits are not required. You would have to call the financial office to find out if they cover any costs for revisits. Good luck with your decision. Go Big Green :green_heart:

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Congratulations on your son’s acceptances.

The revisit days are not required, but may help your son to choose the school which he deems to be the best place for him for the next few years. He will be able to be in classes, sit down for meals, meet current students and see some of the extra curricular activities. There are typically student panels for potential students to ask questions and also hosted Q&A sessions for parents.

I don’t know if any schools will pay for expenses for any revisit days, either domestic or international. But as AnonMomof2 says, the best place to start would be to call the financial aid office.

For Deerfield, you’ll need to move quickly though. One revisit day was Tuesday, one is tomorrow and the final one is next week.

There are plenty of students (particularly those who started during the covid years) who have never set foot on campus before turning up on the first day of school.


That was my kid. And she loves Deerfield.

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Hey Guys! I’m an incoming sophomore at DA. I would love your help with something. Right now, I’m taking pre-calculus at my current school. I also took a summer introductory calculus course at a local community college. Which math placement test will I take, therefore? I was wondering if you could be so kind as to share some resources and tips with me in preparing for the math placement test. Any Deerfield course materials or sample tests, external courses, or even a few youtube tutorials you can suggest? I know that preparing is not advisable, but I am fully aware that the US testing and educational approach differs significantly from what I am accustomed to, which is why any help you could offer would be greatly appreciated. Are the questions multiple choice as well? Is the testing environment strict?

Hi there, I saw you messaged me the same question but I will answer here in case others are interested. My daughter entered as a repeat Junior. She had already taken AP Calc. AB (online Covid year). She did not study for the placement test but placed into Calc. BC. However, when she got there, she was worried that she would not be prepared enough so she dropped math. They discouraged her but she was adamant. And she wanted to take AP Statistics senior year, so they let her. Looking back she wishes she had kept the math class Junior year. I would say NOT to prepare. She didn’t prepare and placed higher than she expected. Trust the process. I don’t know the format of the test.

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I have a question related to family events at Deerfield. Throughout the year how many are there? I can see that there is a Spring family weekend and Fall family weekend, are there more? Are the student performances only there for Fall weekend? We are international, and I would like to understand that if we are traveling overseas to attend one event, which should be the one? TIA

You are correct. The two big weekends for parents visiting are the Fall and Spring Family Weekends. These are weekends where there is specific programming for parents, the meals in the dining room are upgraded, and most kids (but not all) have someone attend with them.

To date, they have followed a similar routine.
Attend Friday classes with your kid. It’s an early start, so if you’re flying then you’d need to arrive the day prior. Eat lunch on campus, meet the teachers, meet with your kid’s advisor. Dinner. Then there is a (optional) student arts showcase with the bands, orchestras, choirs, and dance groups.
Saturday you would attend your kid’s activity with them and then they’re free to leave with you.
There are additional presentations on things like Travel Opportunities, Mental Health resources, College advising, a college fair, parent networking events etc.
Fall weekend students are due back at 7pm on Monday.
Spring weekend students are due back at 7pm on Sunday.

Edited to add that apparently the Fall weekend in 2023 has TWO additional days of break. So students wouldn’t have to return to campus until 7pm TUESDAY.

These are the only two official parents weekends but there are many other opportunities to visit campus if you are able. The theater and music departments put on excellent shows and these are well attended by faculty, parents and it feels like the entire student body.
Many parents who live close by attend sports games and cheer on from the sidelines (plus bring snacks, drinks and other goodies to the teams).

If I had to choose only one event per year, then I’d recommend the Fall weekend because (a) it’s one day longer to get your kid off campus for a break and (b) you can start building a relationship with your kids advisor as you meet face to face. You can also introduce yourself to the parents of your kid’s new friends.

If you’re planning on attending, my top tip would be to book accommodation and transport NOW. Those weekends are often busy football weekends for the nearby colleges. Rooms get $$$$ and hard to find.


I will add that there are theater, music and dance performances on weekends other than family weekend. They also live stream these performances (I wish they would promote and share those links on social media, my daughter sends me the dance ones.)
I am most familiar with dance. They have their fall show during family weekend. Then they have a holiday performance, usually excerpts from the Nutcracker which is the last Sunday before break. There is a winter performance at the end of January. Then there are excerpts from their Spring show during Spring Family weekend. Their full Spring show is the weekend after family weekend.

Actually there is one tonight at 7pm here:

And graduation weekend includes performances by theater, music and dance. Family weekends will also include sports events.

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Thank you @MacJackAttack and @AnonMomof2 for all the information. Apologies for the delay, traveling for the AP exams took up the past 2 weeks!
Family events do seem totally worth the travel and we are trying to make it to the Fall weekend, as advised.
Thanks for the heads up on booking accommodation. Would you recommend the lodgings given in Deerfield site- Lodging – Deerfield Academy or are there more options? And, transport means car rentals?

What about Rising Scholars Program ? They let the student register 3-4 days in advance to get introduced to Deerfield, and there is orientation and luncheon as well. Anyone here familiar with that?

I really like The Old Mill Inn, which was remodeled and re-opened 2021. I think they have raised prices though. The D.Hotel is nice in Holyoke and not expensive on non-high traffic days. Did a really cute B and B last minute for Spring weekend that was 20 minutes north. Busy weekends have very jacked up prices.

I don’t know anything about the rising scholars program, but everything they do is usually really well done so I would take advantage.

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