Denison Class of 2025 Regular Decision

thank you!!

Second the Short North, lots of energy, people watching and good food!

I’d also recommend that anyone visiting campus eat at the Broadway Pub in Granville – often a wait to be seated, but you relax outside on the benches and watch village life go by. And get some Whits after dinner . . . .

Places to stay in Granville: the Granville Inn is a large Tudor style home converted to a lovely hotel and run by the College, nice wood paneled bar plus a patio for drinks (and meals?) Buxton Inn is across the street from the Inn, a collection of several smaller houses, all converted to hotel rooms. Raspberry Room – 2 BR and 2B – was great for traveling with our student so everyone could have privacy. There are some GREAT airbnbs in town too, walking distance to everything. We miss our visits to Granville, such a treat.


Just wondering, does anyone know the acceptance rate of this year(class of 2025)?

I believe it was 28-29%. Over 9400 applications.

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Love your name. My daughter calls me that too. Would you mind sharing the amount of your merit aid. Trying to get a feel for the range.

He was offered 30K.

We had a wonderful in-person visit. I am so impressed with their admissions team and the student guides. t


My son’s a student guide at Denison, so it’s nice to hear this (even if it wasn’t him personally you toured with!). It really is a wonderful school. Hope you got to see a bit of Granville.

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We did see Granville, it’s picture-perfect, like a movie set!


Any tips for getting off the waitlist, I really wanna go to Denison :smile:

Denison’s website is kinda overwhelming… like yahoo, if you know what I mean. I wonder if they have a suggestion box for this kind of stuff? I wish they could improve that.

Do you recall what kind of scholarship it was? In state? Alumni? Do you mind sharing his stats? I am trying to get a feel for my daughter’s offer.

In our experience (as a parent of recent grad), merit awards typically range from about 1/4 to 1/2 tuition. When my son was admitted, there were a handful of full tuition awards that went to students admitted to Stanford and Ivies, but following this board since then, it looks like that full tuition merit has been phased out and no longer exists.

As parents of girls – who are less likely to struggle in adapting to college than at least the 17-18 year old boys I know – this may be less of a concern for you, but I appreciated Denison’s policies about gpa and keeping the award. At other schools where my son had merit, it had a gpa requirement by the end of 1st year and, if the student did not meet that gpa, the merit award disappeared completely, which would have made those schools unaffordable for us. When I thought about my varsity athlete who was used to a highly structured IB diploma schedule and who hadn’t (actually, not just told me he hadn’t) partied – the possibility for an unpredictable adjustment to college life was real, including some disappointing grades. I took comfort in the fact that Denison’s gpa requirements are checked at the end of sophomore, not 1st year, and that if a student was below a 3.0 at the end of sophomore year, the merit was reduced to the next tier down but did not disappear altogether. I thought that reflected a more balanced, wise approach that took into account the realities of 1st year.

I remember investigating this policy as well. I included it as a “pro” for Denison on a pros and cons summary regarding a couple of S19’s top choices. He got mad at me for including it, but it gave me peace of mind!

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I think they may have even dropped it down to 2.0!