Denison Regular Decision Fall 2022 Admissions

Who here submitted the Why Denision supplemental?

My S submitted the Why Denison essay.

Also, today he said he received an email asking if he wanted to confirm or change his enrollment preference from “only fall semester entry in August 2022” to something else, presumably opening up the option for a spring enrollment. He most likely will not make a change bc he is really not interested in taking fall semester off. Did everyone else applying RD received this email?


Yeah I received such emails

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Yes, I think everyone gets this mail

Hi, so I had my alumni interview about a month ago.
To start off the lady I was talking to was super kind. It’s nothing to worry about. It was a casual enough conversation. From what I could tell she wasn’t told much about me as she was a bit surprised when I told her that I was an international applicant. Beforehand I thought it was only going to be 15mins but mine ended up running to 30mins so definitely free up time afterwards just in case. Just be yourself!!


Yes there is one in my daughters portal. Recently there appeared an enrollment questionnaire asking about plans for enrollment (fall vs spring). Also asked if they had plans to attend elsewhere and wanted to withdraw the application.

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Are we expecting decisions to come out on the 5th, since Denison did release decisions on the 5th in both 2020 and 2021

Hopefully…. Only 2 more weeks of waiting in that case.

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Have you gotten in anywhere else yet?

I’m actually the mom…. But, yes, my S was accepted EA at a bunch of schools. His list included a really wide range of schools, with safeties, rolling and early action. Based on acceptances so far, I think Macalester is his top choice, and University of Denver is second (nice scholarship). He’s waiting on 6 or 7 RD next month. What about you?

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That’s amazing!
I got rejected from my ED School(NYU), I had no EA colleges.

Good luck with your RD decisions! I’m sure you will gave some good choices…

Denison’s decisions are confirmed on the 10th of March at 6:31 PM ET for RD!!!

Good luck everyone!


Such a pleasure to have clear communication from the school about this.


Definitely! It speaks well for the college. Finger’s crossed!

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My D22 can’t wait for her result

oooh boy that is so close!

February was so uneventful and I hated it because of that. But now that decisions are coming, I’m anxious about March too lol

Good luck everyone!

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Good luck everyone, fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:t2:

Hope we all :pleading_face: get in

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Hoping :crossed_fingers:

But after Whitman I’m thinking there’s a tiny chance we get in as internationals needing 90% of the cost as aid.

I should have applied to more Public schools imo, but hoping one LAC is gonna find something good in me