Do NOT assume that a Scholarship will be given to Current College Student for Being on Dean’s List!

^ I caught the edit. Yes, I came in just before the lock on that last one. That parent had a lot of nerve.

@momof2atl for what? College costs? Ability to pay? Financial aid? At our schools, the GCs are there to discuss admission and are prohibited, due to privacy issues, to discuss family finances. The best they can do is to encourage families to be realistic about the costs of the colleges and what the families can afford. They can also tell families merit and, and suggest they complete the financial aid forms if the family wants to be considered for need based aid.

They cannot ask about family finances.

My one kid was on the deans list all but one term. It never dawned on me…at all…to think this would net this kid any kind of money. At all.

Some families live in the magical world where they think money for college will materialize out of no where when in reality, that doesn’t happen.

If parents really want to know IF there is new merit money READILY available for upperclass students, they should ask this question at each college.

No assumptions.

@homerdog I’m talking about current college students. Dean’s LIst at college.

Nobody of any authority told them that. Maybe their child told them that they had heard that, but no one should rely on that info as kids often are talking to other kids who don’t know any more than they do…

It was “unexpected” as they had convinced themselves that the first semester of good grades would be rewarded with merit.

We’ve had a few of such posts here on College Confidential. In fact, the saddest ones have been where the student has repeatedly said that his parents told him, “don’t worry about cost,” only to find out in the spring of senior year that the parents thought the child could borrow “all the costs”. Once they found out that THEY would have to cosign, suddenly the student was left high and dry. Ugh.

Yikes. There are hundreds and hundreds of students on my university’s dean’s list – entire majors, almost, when it comes to the easier ones.

Do the counselors mention the net price calculators?

I have heard of small rare scholarships given to current high achieving college students. But not anything big given automatically to large numbers of students based on a GPA like 3.5.

Where did people get the notion that the latter is expected?

Perhaps a more common type of misconception about lowering costs after starting college involves gaining state residency after enrolling at an out of state public university, while the parents of a traditional age student remain in the original state. Most states make it difficult to do that.

Frankly, judging by the naivete of some of the kids posting on CC, I am not surprised by parent’s ignorance. I love CC, but often find myself scratching my head at these poor kids trying to navigate this process without parental help or guidance (at best) or total parental idiocy at worst.

Or with parental “help” that is counterproductive like “don’t worry about the cost, we’ll figure that out later”.

Or the occasional stories of students who first choice is something affordable, but the parents are pushing a higher cost higher debt choice that the student is less interested in.

There is still an air of your daughter wasn’t good enough for the Ivy league from friends and family. People seem to think the tippy top schools award big scholarships for top students. With all the merit out there for the 25-100 ranked colleges it seems looking back why anyone who is full pay would go the route of actually full pay if it could be avoided with an equally academically solid school. I think among the general population this scholarship myth widely exists. It does not surprise me to hear that people think scholarships will be awarded for Deans list etc once in school. The whole educated consumer thing goes without saying here…

“I don’t know if that happens in foreign colleges because often that question comes from int’l parents/students. “

Yes, In my country the Universities don’t give merit scholarships for your grades in High school, normally you pay full price for first semester and some universities if you have excellents grades is posible a full tuition and fees for the next semester and is renewable.
For e.g. My mom paid for her first semester and the the others had a full tuition and fees.
(We don’t have rooms).

I’d pay full price for first semester and I won a design competition and the prize was a full tuition and fees for second semester.

You receive a full tuition and fees for five years in the university than you choose if you are accepted, if you are a low income and have excellent grades in test, but normally is a Government program.

But as parent you need to do your homework and known about the College rules where your child is gonna study.

I absolutely hate seeing that response. That one and the one where the student or parent says, “we’re going to apply to a number of schools regardless of cost, then in the spring we’ll put all the FA pkgs on the table and decide which ones are best.”

What if none of them are affordable? What if the kid applied to a bunch of pricey schools that don’t give much or any aid? Why would they assume that if one applies to 8-10+ schools that at least one of them is going to have an affordable aid pkg?

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Here is another example of what not to do:

Summer between 11th and 12th grade, “Money is not a factor in the decision”:

Winter/spring 12th grade, “The problem is the money”:

do students usually apply for scholarships in senior year?

@“International Dad” - Thanks for this insight! It will be very useful when people are trying to help international parents understand how the US system differs from what they know.

Being on the Dean’s List does not have nearly the impact it may have had at one time. Colleges have been known to reject students with a 1600 on the SAT and accept students with a 1250. There are times, even, when a valedictorian or salutatorian is unable to warrant college admissions because the test scores are not high enough.

There are a variety of factors but one of the more critical ones is at what point you submit the application. If there is a due date of October 1st, and the first day to apply is August 1st, you BETTER have your application materials ready by the end of the FIRST WEEK the college opens it’s admissions process. If you submit on September 30th, you are more likely to get “wait listed,” “rejected,” or “accepted” with no scholarship or grant offer. Colleges have a budget in the same way businesses do and once that budget has been reached, everyone else is locked out of the school or “financial considerations”

If you were late for an appointment, is the person or company more likely to hire you or a person who was on-time? It is about courtesy and respect at that point.

If you don’t have the credentials, that is a different story. SAT/ACT scores (in some cases) are being replaced with 3 AP exams of a score of 5 or higher as acceptable.

A 40K loan for a 4 year school is actually not that much because the average tuition is roughly between 9,900 per year for a public University or college versus 34,000 for a private institution (which may have some schools at a 10-15K level). This is based on information supplied by Google.

A school is only as good as the experience as he or she makes it. There have been many successful individuals from Harvard, Yale, etc but there have also been successful individuals who have attended schools that no one has heard of (except in a local area). Do not go to the best “party school,” but consider a school in the location where you want to be for professional purposes. If you want to be in the San Francisco area maybe consider Cal Berkeley

Strange I don’t know any school.

That explains why we’ve seen posts from int’l students/parents expecting that “if student does well the first year, will he get a large scholarship for the other three years”?

I wonder how many have come to this country as full pay, but were unable to continue when they weren’t given a “good student scholarship” for the following years?

I have said it many times before…the information and advice for funding college is one of the best aspects of this website. Not everyone has been saving for the option to attend any college regardless of costs since their child was a sperm. This collective was so helpful to me and was the primary reason I came here five years ago. The lack of knowledge among parents about this process and how to pay for it is shocking, but there are resources like this website to learn it fast and before it’s too late if one keeps their head out of the sand.