Do you think Texas A&M is a right fit for me?


<p>UT is 14 spots ahead of A&M. that's seems like a pretty big difference. and while it is true that both UT and A&M have their strengths in different fields, UT is better because it's rated better "overall."</p>


<p>oh, well since U.S. News "is an inherently imperfect ranking system," i guess it means that Harvard and Princeton aren't as good as we all think they are. besides, you even said yourself, "They are very good at putting schools into the rough area they belong in..." if A&M was at like 48 or 50, then there wouldn't be any fuss about which is better. but, like i said before, UT is 14 spots above A&M. that's a pretty big gap</p>

<p>It is not a big difference... sorry
It is the same difference as Princton and Cornell...
Yale and Brown...
UT and A&M
they are thought of in the same light -
negligible difference - Not big
and yes you are right it is ahead of A&M in this ranking.</p>

<p>123abc456, aren't you going to be attending A&M? In other posts you refer to "your NSC"... what happened, couldn't get into UT? No need for the hostility.</p>



<p>Two things need to happen before you are even worth arguing with. First, you need to do a little bit of work on reading comprehension. Quit putting words in my mouth. Second, you need to take a course on logic. You are missing the point and jumping to false conclusions.</p>


<p>yea, i'm gonna be attending A&M this fall and yes, i didn't get into UT. but, don't think that i hate A&M or am ****ed off just because i couldn't get into UT</p>


<p>alright, well, can you tell me what point i'm missing? also, what work do i need on reading comprehension? plus, i don't see how logic works into ranking and comparing colleges and what words am i putting into your mouth?</p>

<p>You're using a completely subjective ranking system as concrete evidence that UT is better than A&M? You're the moron. Way to prove that you're a sheep/tool. </p>

<p>I'll give you one reason that UT will always be given every bit of bias in every ranking system ever made: Athletics. </p>

<p>I'm not saying that UT doesn't have areas that are stronger than A&M or vice-versa, but the simple fact is that UT has such a HUGE national fan base (because of their athletics program) and will always be given the benefit of the doubt when compared to other schools of about the same quality. More people like UT; It's plain and simple. Both schools are of relatively the same quality, and it's entirely subjective as to which school is better. </p>

<p>To flat out declare that UT is better than A&M is just making you look stupid.</p>



<p>You are doing things such as taking my statement about US News being subjective and applying it to a totally different example. My point was that the rankings aren't accurate. You can't always use them as a reliable measure of how much better one school is than another. Instead, you tried to twist my example to say that it also means that Harvard and Princeton must be overrated.</p>

<p>That leads me to:</p>



<p>Logic works into everything. Here, your logic is completely off when you say that my statement about the subjectivity of the rankings means that Harvard and Princeton aren't as good as we think they are. It doesn't mean that. That is not a conclusion that can logically be drawn from my statement. What I said was that the rankings are inherently flawed, and while they are good at putting schools into the general area they belong, no ranking system can perfectly narrow down every school into its exact spot.</p>

<p>What I said does not imply that any one school is overrated or underrated. Logically, the only conclusion that can be drawn from what I said is that not everything on that list is perfectly accurate. You could even take that and make it into a syllogism if you really wanted to. Basically, what it means is that you have no guarantee how accurate any single ranking is. You can use the rankings very effectively to group schools into "tiers" or to determine the general quality of a school, but using it to try and narrow a school's rank down to a single number is sketchy at best. I would argue that it is downright foolish to do so.</p>

<p>Finally, these two go hand in hand:</p>



<p>You need to read what I say before you blindly reference my earlier posts. You implied earlier that I claimed TAMU was the better school. That is something I never stated. In fact, I would argue that UT is likely (marginally) the better school. My only point is that I am of the opinion that the difference between UT and TAMU is far less than most people realize. That is an opinion that pretty much the majority of people that aren't Longhorns or purely football fans shares. Read carefully what people say before you rebuke them. Otherwise you just look silly.</p>

<p>So, to bring it all together:</p>

<p>No ranking system is perfect. US News is about they best there is right now, but it is still far from perfect. The quality of a school comes down to many, many factors, and no ranking system can capture all of them. Even if it could, choosing a college is so highly personal that choosing one based solely on rankings will likely cause you to miss out on some other extremely important factors such as how you fit in on campus and a million other things.</p>

<p>EDIT: Wow this was a long post. Can you tell that I am currently just sitting at my desk with nothing to do because I am waiting for some parts to be made? Haha.</p>


<p>good post, i got nothin on that</p>

<p>Well on a related note and on topic, OP if you're planning on majoring in a science in order to prepare for pre-med, from US News 2009:</p>


Biological Sciences (General)</p>

<p>1 Stanford University
2 Massachusetts Institute of Technology
2 University of California--Berkeley
4 California Institute of Technology
4 Harvard University
6 Johns Hopkins University
7 Rockefeller University
7 Scripps Research Institute
7 University of California--San Francisco
7 Washington University in St. Louis
7 Yale University
12 Cornell University
12 Duke University
12 Princeton University
15 Columbia University
15 University of Michigan--Ann Arbor
15 University of Wisconsin--Madison
18 University of California--San Diego
18 University of Chicago
18 University of Washington
21 University of Pennsylvania
21 University of Texas Southwestern Medical Center--Dallas
23 University of California--Davis
23 University of California--Los Angeles
23 University of Texas--Austin
26 Baylor College of Medicine
26 Cornell University (Weill)
26 University of North Carolina--Chapel Hill
29 Indiana University--Bloomington
29 Mayo Medical School
29 Northwestern University
29 University of Illinois--Urbana-Champaign
33 University of Colorado--Boulder
34 Brown University
34 Carnegie Mellon University
34 Dartmouth College
34 Emory University
34 Michigan State University
34 University of California--Irvine
34 University of Minnesota--Twin Cities
34 Vanderbilt University
42 Case Western Reserve University
42 Ohio State University
42 Pennsylvania State University--University Park
42 Purdue University--West Lafayette
42 University of Arizona
42 University of Virginia
48 Brandeis University
48 Rice University
48 Rutgers, the State University of New Jersey--New Brunswick
48 SUNY--Stony Brook
48 University of Colorado--Denver
48 University of Florida
48 University of Iowa
48 University of Maryland--College Park
48 University of Oregon
48 Yeshiva University (Einstein)
58 Arizona State University
58 Mount Sinai School of Medicine
58 New York University
58 University of Alabama--Birmingham
58 University of California--Santa Barbara
58 University of Georgia
58 University of Kansas
58 University of Massachusetts Medical Center--Worcester
58 University of Pittsburgh
58 University of Utah
68 Georgia Institute of Technology
68 Iowa State University
68 Oregon State University
68 Texas A&M University--College Station


<p>Compare 23 vs. 68. UT would be far superior in the bio sciences. Plus more opportunities in Austin than in College Station.</p>

<p>Off topic - I also got several research positions/interviews (one for polymer research for protein recognition for incorporation in biosensors/nanotechnology) already at UT! And I haven't even step foot in Austin yet! Profs/PI's over here seem pretty awesome so far! Couldn't get jack at A&M.</p>

<p>lets get specific</p>