Does anyone know of any cases of people getting in with less than a 3.0 GPA

I have a little under a 3.0 GPA unweighted, but there is an upward trend from freshman year. My SAT score is in the average, my ECs are good, and my essay is good. Does anyone know of cases similar to mine that have been accepted. I applied late October. I currently taking 1 AP class my senior year, but none prior.

My daughter applied early October this year with exactly a 3.0 GPA unweighted and was, unfortunately, denied. We were at least hoping for a deferral for 7th semester grades, but that did not happen. She was notified a couple of weeks ago, so the decision took about 6-8 weeks. But, her ECs were not terrific, so that didn’t exactly help, and she had no AP/honors classes. I hope you get some good news in your case.

I got in after getting deferred and sending my 7th semester grades with a 2.81 weighted cumulative. I take almost all honors classes and had 3.7 gpa 2nd semester of junior year. I went test optional and had a lot of EC with sports, volunteering, and jobs. I had my essay edited by a professional, plus I visited the campus in the summer, and I emailed my admissions consoler at MSU multiple times prior to my decision. I’m out of state and a male which makes a bit more competitive, but if you’re really worried I would try to schedule an appointment with your admissions counselor that is in charge of admissions for your local area for he/she to understand your situation and your interest.

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This will make everyone feel good about their chances. I get tired of all the CC posts were it seems like everyone is a Rhodes scholar. My son had under a 3.0 (2.85) and was admitted. He went to a very good private school(with no weighed grades) and had 1250ish SAT’s. He has had straight A’s through three semesters at MSU and was invited into their honors college.