Does it look better to take dual enrollment classes at a state university or community college (online)

are they weighted the same since their online? Im taking 2 dual enrollment classes, 1 for English and 1 elective and Im asking because its going to be harder for sure at the state university compared to CC even though its online and i dont want to stress out for nothing during senior year if it doesnt matter.

also i feel like i should note that Im going to apply for med schools after college so will my transcript look bad if its CC?

If you are trying to fulfill a pre med requirement, it may not count at a CC. Otherwise, in the grand scheme of things, it doesn’t matter. Remember, any grade you get will follow you to any graduate program.

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Please read this FAQ about pre-med and CC/ DE classes:

Also be aware that most med schools will not accept online classes for fulfilling admission requirements. There were exceptions allowed for Covid when almost all classes were online, but now that classes are returning to in-person, on campus, those exceptions are vanishing.


I think you just answered your own question, when you said that it’s going to be harder for sure at the state U than at a CC.

Honestly, the AP classes at your own high school might be at a higher level than at your state college, and certainly they are at a much higher level than at a CC. You can be sure that if you are applying to medical schools, and had taken your science pre-reqs at a CC, you would have to have shown high grades in higher level science classes at a 4 yr college. Even if you had done a pre-req as dual enrollment with a state college, and had a transcript for it, I would think that you would need to take higher level sciences and have achieved a high grade in those classes, for them to accept the dual enrollment classes.

However, for non-science classes, I think that as long as you score high on the Critical Analysis and Reasoning section, and had taken that online dual enrollment class in English at the 4 yr state U, you’ll be okay, especially if you have a second English class taken while in college. I would not take any dual enrollment classes at the community college level, if you have the option of taking them at the state U level.

My son faced the same decision 2 years ago and chose the State school over CC. The classes at the State school were mostly easier than his AP classes (certainly less work) and the credits will be accepted at more colleges (especially if you go OOS).