Does it make sense to do a M.S in accounting and prerequisites for physical therapy?

I am 24. I just graduated with degrees in accounting and management. Since the market is filled with BBA degrees, I could only find a part time job as a teller. I had a hard time dealing with customer interactions thanks to my social anxiety and aspergers. I applied and got into my accounting masters program.

After dealing with underemployment, unemployment, angry bosses and getting fired, I decided I didn’t want to go into the world of business and wanted to go into physical therapy instead because I always loved science. HOWEVER, I realize too that PT school is extremely hard to get into and has a tiny acceptance rate, therefore, I want to do a masters and prerequisites for physical therapy at the same time. It would take me about 2.5 years to complete. 30 hours for my M.S in accounting and 35 hours for prerequisites for physical therapy.

Would this be appropriate? Thoughts?

PT involves a ton of interpersonal interaction. Even if you did complete the prerequisites and get into a competitive program, are you sure this is the right field for you?

Yes. This is client based interaction, not customer service.

Client based interaction is basically the same as customer service. Interpersonal skills are tremendously important.

I don’t understand how the logistics would work. You may be setting yourself for unsatisfactory outcomes in both fields.
Have you seen the APTA website?

Also, if it’s interactions with boss and customers tripping you up, I recommend addressing that at career center and or with a coach or therapist.
Or check out Toastmasters or community service.

I agree PT is not the best career for someone who struggles with social anxiety. Have you volunteered or shadowed a PT in the setting you hope to work?

I also don’t think it makes sense to get an MS in accounting if you then plan to get a DPT degree. That’s a lot of school and a lot of tuition to pay and the accounting degree won’t really help you as a PT.

If you like science , have you considered a career in pharmacy or research? They may be better suited to your personality.

An MS in accounting makes no sense if you don’t want to be a CPA. I agree with others that PT does not seem like a good fit.