Does race or first gen to go to college count?

<p>i read you can claim a race as long as you are 1/4 of that race
i dont think anyone was talking about claiming citizenship, just the race aspect</p>

<p>Hey I was born in Ecuador so it means I once was a citzen of Ecuador ;) and it also means I can renew it, and in my transfer essay I make sure to point out my ecuadorian hehehe</p>

i read you can claim a race as long as you are 1/4 of that race


<p>If thats the amount you need to claim a race, then i think anyone can claim to be asian/african american, since our ancestors came from the east side of pangea.</p>

<p>the law does not prohibit universities giving preference to students based on their nationality.</p>

<p>the law deals with the race issue only.</p>

<p>Some schools allow someone with as little as 1/16 of a race, to be considered that race. (Reminds me of the white guy that applied as "black" to a top Ivy--and was accepted because of his URM status. They made him prove that he was 1/16 "black" and he was able to do so. Kind of defeated the real purpose of affirmative action, though.)</p>

<p>And m.kenian is quite correct, though--the law deals with race, not with nationality (that is, which country you are from).</p>

<p>wait so will latino/hispanic be used, or just cuban? will i benefit at all in your opinion?</p>