Dorm Questions?

<p>Hi again, cpq1xtbu.
I agree. You're S2 will be fine wherever he ends up. That's the beauty of all of this. It does seem to work out in the end for the vast majority of people. </p>

<p>So you haven't visited Southwestern yet? We LOVED that school. It is such a sweet surprise! Very small and intimate and peaceful, we thought. Great learning going on there, too. I've heard they're fairly generous with scholarships, too. We visited twice, but then my son took it off his list because it didn't offer Italian! We know and very much admire a member of their Board of Directors. And one of my son's best friends is there now, loving it. I'm a fan.</p>

<p>I wish your son the best! I'm glad my family's done with the whole college application process, but I DID like the campus visits. Have fun checking-out those OOS schools! :)</p>

<p>S1 and I visited Southwestern. It was over Christmas break, though, so we didn't get a really good picture of the school. I want to visit with S2 when the students are there. I do think it is a great school. And they do offer great scholarships, which according to their website, S2 would be eligible for.

<p>What is a good, fairly social dorm for a freshman biology major?</p>

<p>I'm hoping to get into the honors, but I need three to put down on my app just incase.</p>

<p>I think any of the dorms in the Commons are social. </p>

<p>D is also waiting to hear about honors college, her first two choices though were modular style dorms. Basically for the extra closet space :)</p>