Dorm room extras that made life more comfortable

I live in New England and would like to say that most dorm rooms in our area are overheated, not underheated, so unless you like to be REALLY warm while sleeping, I’d avoid flannel and microfiber sheets.

Cotton is definitely better! I bought microfiber sheets from Target and they don’t last as well as cotton. They feel really soft and nice at first but after several washings, they start to pill.

Thus the reason my daughter took 8 blankets the first year and one the final year. Fan is much more important than blankets. When it is 29 below, not advisable to open the window.

My daughter came up with a great idea last night, not sure where she saw it.

IKEA sells a magnetic strip, intended to be used as a knife rack. They also sell magnetic clothes pins.

The combination will allow her to display a changing set of photos-- at a VERY low cost and using very little room.

Going to hit IKEA today :wink:

@bjkmom - I have those magnetic strips and use them for knives, I love them. How do you plan to secure to the walls?

It’s not a comfort item, but we packed a large ziplock bag with rice in it in case of phone mishaps. I know it was used once by D and at least once by one of her friends.

@SnowflakeDogMom I’m hoping maybe Command Strips? We never did get to Ikea yesterday… maybe today?

How do you secure the ones you have?

OK, so after reading all this, I tentatively have a boot tray and coat rack in my amazon cart. (School is in NH). I’ll wait till the princess wakes up and get her input before hitting “submit.”

Either way, I’m ordering one of the boot trays for our Long Island house. For under $10, I have no idea why we don’t already own one.

Lots of the other stuff that sounded good-- a surge protector with multiple outlets, a fan, a “husband”-- we’ve already taken care of.

@bjkmom My hubby used the mounting hardware and screwed them into a beam in our walls - I really really love them, they are a super strong magnet, look great etc but they are pretty heavy and with the strong magnets I am not sure if command hooks will do the job.

FWIW - We bought a wipe board at Target last night that has a magnetic section along with a cork section - some cute tacks and she is good to go

As it turns out, one of the graduation gifts she got was a set of string lights that double as clothes pins. So much for the magnetic strip :wink:

Our kids both loved thin, lightweight blackout curtains that they attached with hooks (yes, both are night owls). They bought them online and preferred them to eyeshades.

I agree with the “less is more” concept. Generally dorms or other college residential space is already smaller than the students have been living in, so open space is at a premium. Don’t cram it full of “stuff.”

Well, I think we’re just about done shopping.

I just did the Target run for meds. There are one or two things coming from amazon, like the comforter she finally decided on and that boot mat. (The coat rack was eliminated in favor of still more Command hooks… they won’t tip over or use floor space.) And of course, she still has to tackle packing up her clothes and deciding what to take and what to leave.

When we get info on the amount of space under her bed, I can pick up some underbed storage units-- I don’t want to do that until we know the height. The dorm was just refurbished and the info isn’t online. So she’s planning to email the dorm director.

She did receive a large, cute mirror as a gift: But I think she’s thinking of returning it, and just getting a full length mirror instead-- less bulky and more practical.

But with 2.5 weeks to go, I think we can give the Visa card a well deserved rest.

I’ll add USB charging cords (various lengths) for phones. Also, I read a suggestion of ear muffs (noise protection type) rather than noise cancelling headphones. It really can cut down on overall decibels and conversational noise, and can be used with ear plugs or ear buds. We’ll be trying as I’d rather spend $30 versus $250.

Finally, felt pads for the bottom of chair legs can limit the squeaking on ceramic dorm floors. Also might be a nice gift/hint for upstairs neighbors.

“But I think she’s thinking of returning it, and just getting a full length mirror instead-- less bulky and more practical.”

Have you checked to see if the dorm room comes with a full length mirror? Many do.

She sent out an email yesterday to the residence director, though she certainly can’t expect a response till at least Monday. Since the dorm was just refurbished, that’s certainly a possibility.

I love microfiber sheets! They’re soft, lightweight, non-wrinkle and dry in a flash–perfect for dorm. I don’t think they are hot at all. The ones I have wear great. There are different grades but for dorm it doesn’t really matter.

I am told that microfiber pillowcases are good for teens who use benzoyl peroxide as an acne treatment. Cotton ones bleach unattractively.

Question - one of my twins Ds starting later this month will be in a dorm without AC. Is it best to coordinate with her roommate in buying a fan that would cool the entire room or just focus on my kid’s need/comfort. We could also pick up an inexpensive personal fan to get through the first week, and decide if a window fan or tower makes more sense. Given that space may be at a premium, I don’t want commit to taking up what might not be available.

I got my daughter an oscillating tower with a remote control… I think it was this one:

I figured that once the warm weather ended, it would probably be easier to store than a box fan.

We are also taking room darkening curtains with a grommet top. Instead of hooks, we are using a small shower tension rod inside the window frame. I think they make the room more homey and may help the kids sleep better.

Edit: Use soda can tabs on your hangers to double or triple your closet space!