Double major in Computer Science and Business - Feasible or nah?

Hi! I’m thinking of double majoring in computer science and business! Computer science is a definite, but Business, I’m not too sure about. I looked up the plan of study and it seems to have a lot of requirements, and I’d avoid taking like 6 classes a semester. But is it doable? Any advice?

it’s doable. It’s a bit easier to arrange with both majors in L&S as opposed to the simultaneous degrees via MET, since both would use the same L&S requirements. But since there’s very little overlap WRT required classes, and if you don’t finish in 4.5 years, you might have to withdraw one of the majors. I see more CS and Econ double majors, but there too you have to plan carefully and double dip with classes where possible, or else you wind up going for 4.5 years there too and might need to withdraw a major. Or start taking 20-24 hours a semester.

FWIW, admittance rate for internal students for Haas is 30%, while L&S CS is around 50%.

L&S CS admission is by earning a 3.3 GPA in CS 61A, 61B, 70. Grade distributions for these courses indicate that about half of students earn B+ or higher grades (note that 61A and 61B explicitly do not grade on a curve).

Business admission is a competitive process with subjective review.