Dressing Young (Part 2)

The Sundance dress is really nice!

The Navy halter/white dot dress arrived and is a winner. I will wear it with light chunky heel sandals I already own. The event is outdoors. I think I will wear a white linen jacket if it gets chilly.


Yay! I thought the navy/white dot pattern made it very classic and is a nice complement to the ruffles. It’s pretty! And - enjoy!!

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Glad you found a winner. When wearing a dress I too always plan to have some kind of jacket or sweater (a nice one if for a wedding).

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The wedding I attended this past weekend was super fun! However, it was cooler than I anticipated, and I made a last-minute switch in my dress. The green halter just seemed too summery for the temps. I was not the only person who made a last-minute switch and everyone did have little jackets/shrugs/sweaters just in case. I was happy mine wasn’t necessary as it really would have messed with the line of the dress.

Additionally, I had a shoe crisis! The day before I left I decided I should put my new wedges on and wear them around the house to break them in a bit. The buckle assembly turned out to be defective on one side (I hadn’t noticed it in the quick try on I had done when the arrived), and the little metal bar/tab in the buckle fell off! It was through the elastic but not under the metal cross bar. I’m probably not explaining that very well. Dh tried to fix it, but it just wasn’t possible. I had to punt and take some heels I knew would sink in the grass at this outdoor wedding - argh! Fortunately, my friend and I made a mad dash the day of the wedding to Dillards where I found some pointy-toed t-straps with a thicker heel in a nice taupe color. Honestly, I think they wound up looking better with the dress than the original shoes would have - especially with the dress change. The pointy toe elongated my legs which hugely helps me.

Here is the dress I wore instead of the green halter dress (I had ordered it at the same time):

Of course, I didn’t get it on sale when I bought it! Lol. BUT, the shoes were bought at the sale price listed in this link:


I ordered the Anthropologie dress and it just arrived. I am so excited because it is a perfect fit and very flattering. I plan to wear it next week to a graduation party! Thank you everyone for this amazing suggestion.


@Hoggirl cute dress - good thing you had it as a backup!

I ran into a similar problem this past weekend. I had two graduations a week apart - my daughter from college and my son from high school, on opposite sides of the country. I bought a lot of dresses and managed to find two that would work. The one I wore to my daughter’s was perfect for the weather.

My son’s graduation was last Saturday when we had a ridiculous drop in temperatures abnormal for Memorial Day weekend. It was rainy/damp, 50 degrees and windy, making the feels like temp in the 40s! Meanwhile, it was in the high 80s the week before! I ended up having to go through my closet and wearing an old dress I must’ve bought at least 5-6 years ago (I was still freezing, taking pictures outside b/c my legs/feet were exposed). The funny part was when I sent a pic of my husband, son and I to my daughter, who could not come for my son’s graduation. She told me she loved my dress :grimacing:. I guess she forgot it was a dress I had worn years ago to one of my kids’ previous important occasions, tho I can’t remember which.

I broke down and just ordered the Robin tiered dress from Anthropologie in midnight sky.


Glad you enjoyed the wedding. Good job being flexible and finding such a nice combo.

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The talk of the weather reminds me of my younger son’s college graduation, in the morning it was hot. 80s and sunny, by the afternoon it had turn gloomy and in the low 60s. Boston weather!


I ordered both colors of this off the shoulder blouse from Old Navy and they are both really cute! I wore the red/orange one with white cropped jeans and sandals to lunch with my mom last weekend and felt very stylish.



I love that coral color! I think I might have to get it. How does it run?

@conmama I am normally a medium and that is the size I got and they fit nicely for me.

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Hoggirl - love the revised outfit!! Glad it worked out even with last-minute changes! Shrugs/shawls/pashimas are so great for outdoor events. At a recent one I went to we were all freezing but one woman had a cool/funky fur shawl and it looked perfect & cozy.

Like the deep pink color of the dress too!


I ordered this dress from Tommy Bahama. (I’d never ordered anything from that site before). It helped me figure out that anything shorter than about 37 inches would be uncomfortably short for me. This dress is cute, but it just doesn’t fit me quite right. I will try it on again, but think it’s going back.

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I’m sorry that dress isn’t right for you. Above is one I bought a year ago. I use it for beach cover up and running errands. I’m just 5’1”, so length is perfect for me.


@1214mom - 37” is my sweet spot for length as well for casual dresses. From looking at the photo, I wonder if the dress is somewhat short-waisted on you. It almost looks short-waisted on the person modeling it. I struggle with this all the time. I am only 5’4 1/2” tall, but I am quite long-waisted, and the waistline of dresses often hits me too high. That makes me look bigger/larger than I am.

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You are absolutely correct - it is short waisted on me.
Cute otherwise. I’m also bummed because I had a $50 off coupon I used on the dress, and I doubt they will let me re-use it. (Although honestly, there’s not another dress I want from there right now, even at $50 off).