Dressing Young (Part 2)

LOL I had to take another look at this Anthro dress. When I got on the page a pop up said, “don’t wait! 938 people are looking at this dress!” - and I wanted to say, “and most of them are on CC!” :slight_smile:

I think the red motif is my favorite color/pattern. Too bad it’s not available. Would go really well with my skin tone.


Wow, yours was even cheaper than mine. I got my Coatigan for $29. I always wear it when I can. I think it’s timeless.

I’m talking about me lol! I like this simple dress from Lilly Pulitzer. Looks easy and fun for summer. Unfortunately I feel that Lilly feels odd here in Northern Michigan. Like I feel like an Easter egg! When I’m in the south, it fits so nicely. It’s just here, people dress in more subdued colors. But I love a fun colored dress.

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You are right! I read their shipping “policy” and it said something like 149 or 150, but right up top it says 49.
That night sky is looking more desirable.
My SIL worked at Lily Pulitzer as a “fun job” when she retired. Lots of their dresses are too short for me, and their pink just isn’t a great color for me. I do have a dress from there that’s blue and sea turtles on it. It’s fun.

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Abasket, there was also a new lavender print, with a small design. That one, and the Hawaiian motif showed earlier today.

Oh, I ordered a dish towel with “make lemons,on it, plus a T shirt to get above the $150 for free shipping

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Still deciding if I need the Anthropologie dress. I went to the store yesterday and they didn’t have it in stock. They did have a lot of bright colorful dresses. Many of them very much unstructured and loose fitting. Definitely not much that one would call figure fitting.
@bookworm i love their housewares. My D bought some pretty cloth napkins.

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I think this is adorable for all you ladies with the cute little bodies.


I am going to an outdoor/garden wedding and reception over Memorial Day weekend and purchased this dress and these shoes. Big shout out to @conmama who located the shoes for me! They do have a bit of a pinkish cast to them, but so does my pasty white flesh, so they work for me. They are not TOO pink at all.

Now I have assigned her the task of finding me a small bag and some accessories! Lol. Open to suggestions from all.

I ordered two other dresses as possibilities, but landed on this one for the type of wedding it will be.

EDIT: The dress is a darker/richer color than it shows on-screen. More of an emerald color.


We are sole sisters :wink:


Hogirl - wow, I love that dress! Also going to a wedding soon and for bag ended up with a simple tan purse big enough to hold my phone with a detachable over-the-shoulder thin strap if needed. Plan to use bag as wallet after wedding. Main goals: don’t lose phone at reception and don’t look too oldish with big, cumbersome bag. LOL

Personal opinion - that dress is so dramatic and cool with lots going on (hi-lo, bow) - I’d keep accessories extremely simple, maybe just earrings?

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Yes, I think just earrings and perhaps a bracelet. I’m thinking a linear type earring. Do we think gold?? Maybe brushed gold. I’m a little more tripped up on the bag color since the shoes do have that pinkish tinge to them. I don’t want sparkly - would be too much IMO for outdoors and a 5:00 start time. Unless one of y’all convinces me otherwise.

Did anyone post this one? It is adorable!!


Yeah, I posted that dress earlier @VaBluebird !

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That dress is stunning! I love, love, love it.

Pro tip (I learned the hard way wearing emerald green to an event) - if there is a photo booth with a green screen/choose your own background situation, prepare to appear as just a disembodied head in all the photos :rofl:

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Hoggirl - I agree that linear earrings would look great! I think they’d nicely contrast with the curvy, flowy lines of the dress and gold would work beautifully!

I’m stumped on the purse - spent a long, long time looking for one to work with the dress I’m wearing to upcoming wedding - tan was the “I give up” color LOL. I do think that dress is such a statement you could get away with a very simple, neutral bag.



Late to the party but I like the Eliza J sleeveless colorblock dress. Alas, everything sleeveless is so cute but I’m at the age where I don’t want to show my upper arms

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I ordered this one but it was awful on me. Eliza J | Floral Print Halter Neck Dress | Nordstrom Rack

At 5’3” it was super long - mid calf and way too much material. Made me look totally frumpy. I just returned it.

I have this one in my cart on Amazon, but waiting to order it depending on two dresses arriving tomorrow.


I think I linked this dress before but was disappointed it was not in stock in my size. I kept checking back and they finally had it so I’m waiting for it to arrive. However, looking at it again, I’m not sure the pleats will flatter me at all, but we will see.


Florals are also really hit or miss for me. It may be just my perception, but some patterns make me feel/look frumpy tho the same dress can look awesome on a friend.

Since I am curvy and short, I have two issues going on. One, I really need something above my knee. Longer dresses, like the mid calf and maxi styles look terrible on me. A few inches above knee are perfect, but above knee dresses can be hard to get right. Even tho I’m not tall, some are still too short! The other problem is anything with a lot of material (like flowy) can just make my rear end look larger than it is. So a fitted top with an A-line drop that is somewhat straight is most flattering.

Then there are the sleeves. My arms are not fat but not slender/defined either. So many styles have cap sleeves (absolutely horrible on me as they cut across fattest part of my arm) or they are longer but a little too billowy and don’t look right either. Halter style actually look nice, better than sleeveless/tank.

Ugh, so many issues! And I’m sure I might be too hard on myself!

If all else fails, I did shop my own closet and have a couple of dresses that would be suitable, and no one at the graduation will have seen me wear before other than my family. :grimacing: I also forgot I have a pair of blue chambray pants that I can dress up with a blouse and jewelry.

@deb922 did the Anthropologie dress come yet?

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The dresses just shipped yesterday. So I won’t have any reports until next week

I have no doubt that you are way too hard on yourself. No one will ever be as critical of your arms, or anything else, as you are about yourself. I think that’s true of many people.

Think back to how self-critical most of us were as teenagers and young adults. Then look at some photos from that time and realize how silly we were to be worried about our appearance.

If you find a color or pattern that makes you happy, that’s the one to go for. Wear it with a smile and others will think you look great because you appear confident and at ease.