Duke Transfer Fall 2021


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Im sure you got it. Check your junk mail. I think everyone received the email.

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Anybody noticed the changes on the portal?

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Hey everyone! I’m nervous for the 6th. Eagerly waiting…

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Also, I haven’t received an email about an interview. Is that indicative of my admission chances?

Hey guys, I’m an incoming sophomore transfer at Duke (got admitted in Fall 2020) and am currently on a gap year. Good luck all of u guys hearing back on the 6th! Cant wait to see u guys on campus this fall! :slight_smile:


There is too much ambiguity surrounding what it means to be interviewed. For every school the process is different, but what I have gathered and which may be presumptuous, is an interview is an additional tool admissions may use if:

  • there is any information on your application that they would like to clarify
  • you are applying to a major that is highly competitive and requires an interview
  • you have similar statistics as another applicant and they want to understand your personality beyond the numbers

I think it is foolish to assume that an interview automatically increases or decreases your chance of admittance.

This whole transfer process has been difficult from start to end and certainly an instigator of stress, but the most important thing you can do at this moment is have confidence in yourself and your abilities and know you will end up where you are supposed to. I know that is a cliche, but It truly is important to remember especially during times of uncertainty.


Thank you!

Omg thank you so much! :’)

On top of what Kmasshardt0 said,

I have also heard from admissions counselors that interviews happen when there is an alumni, or current student who is from your approximate area. For example, I didn’t have an interview, but my town/region in South Carolina has not sent a kid to Duke in 15+ years, while my friend from Westchester, NY received an interview from 1 of the about 25 recent Duke graduates that live in his county. (Westchester, NY has crazy good public schools, and therefore lots of acceptances into top schools)

So interviews are not good insight for acceptance/rejection because there may just not be any recent Duke students/alumni in your area, and sometimes alumni/students may be too busy to interview you if you do have any in your area.


Good luck to everyone today :pray:t3:


do you guys know if all decisions will be released at 2:00 exactly or if they’ll continue releasing throughout the day?

Yeah it says right at 2:00pm. Eastern time of course

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Im ready to get rejected




Congrats to everyone that was accepted! I was rejected

Congrats everyone who got accepted! I got rejected which was expected haha

rejected, congrats if u got in!!