Duke University Class of 2025 - Waitlist

Definitely looks like I’m the minority here … glad you’re all having positive experiences though!

Has anyone in NJ / the tristate heard anything for the trinity waitlist?

Has anyone from Virginia/Maryland heard anything from trinity?

Has anyone from midwest heard anything about trinity waitlist?

i did :slight_smile: you just have to ask a teacher to write it for you and they have to send it directly to your admissions counselor via email

anyone who hasnt heard back from duke… what major did you apply for?

Have any international students got off the waitlist? If so, where are you from?

im a bio major and haven’t heard back yet :confused:

international here, still waiting

Anyone from TX on the waitlist.

can you share your stats?

could you share your stats please?

34 ACT, 5.3 GPA (we don’t have unweighted but I self-calculated it to around 3.97). My high school is not that competitive, in fact, teachers told me today that I was the first Duke acceptance that they remember since the early 2000s. I also am President/Captain of multiple clubs and All-State/National-Ranked for tennis. To be honest, I think my LOCI and having a solid relationship with my regional officer pushed me through.


Congrats and thanks for sharing.

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Are they still gonna take people off the waitlist? International trinity here, has anyone international gotten off the waitlist yet?

I’d really like them to (obviously we all do lol) but with the current pacing it doesn’t seem that likely ;(

Someone on Reddit called Duke, and apparently they’re still working on waitlist decisions.

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Sort of a general waitlist question but does anyone know how decisions are released, like are they by locations of applicants or major within the college?


i think duke is releasing it by major
a couple of weeks ago they released decisions for pratt engineering and a few days ago they did the same for PPE at trinity


What’s PPE