Duke viewed my father’s LinkedIn?

@SJ2727 Financial Aid?

?? That’s what FAFSA and the CSS is for.

Could be random spot checks, or something else, or coincidence.

The only thing we know for sure is that someone at Duke doesn’t have their LinkedIn account set to private viewing mode. Lol

@SJ2727 Agreed, the data comes from FAFSA and CSS. I was just answering why they might care about the father. The data in the FAFSA and CSS are mostly regarding the parents. I don’t know whether this Duke person looking at the father’s profile has anything to do with Admissions or Financial Aid. But if it did, it could be some sort of verification/check of information provided in the Fin Aid data. Obviously not financial information, but job title, company, etc.

The ability to identify varies tremendously with how common the name is - we have a unique name and it would not be difficult to find any of us on social media. A point I drummed into my children early and repeat often.

Quite a mixed response lol. I guess we’ll find out if it meant anything come March. Thanks for the input everyone.

@mgerv23 30% of DHs views since November have been higher education institutions. This was a new trend for his account. He does not work in or with anything higher education related. Since D20 had already received her admission decisions, we chalked it up to schools looking for the possibility of personal or corporate donations.
Edited to add: Good luck; I hope you hear good news from Duke!

I have a LinkedIn and before I started applying to schools I switched to premium for that very reason. I got 6 hits from various schools and some alumni started following too. I also have 2 CEOs following me on there. So it’s a great tool. I’m looking into handshake too.

My son has a LinkedIn and colleges have definitely looked as have some of the people who have interviewed him for alumni interviews. People are definitely using it from the schools but it could be for a variety of reasons.

Interviewer is not supposed to search info of interviewee, and vice versa.
It stated clearly from some schools on the interview protocol.

In business world, HR and hiring manger are not supposed to search applicants additional info on internet unless explicit consent is granted.

These weren’t for Duke interviews so can’t say what the schools protocols were. As for jobs not searching also can’t say one way or the other. One of my kids just got an internship and someone from the company looked at her profile. Maybe it was after she was hired after she agreed to a background check but for a job it is expected that hiring companies and hr people would be looking at your linked in and other social media profiles. Same for colleges as this is why students and applicants are told not to post anything stupid or inappropriate.