EA applications

@mstee My guy is definitely considering majoring in Theater. He needs to declare a major sometime this year. He’s flying back to Eckerd today - heading off to Greece for his J term in a few days. I’ll show him your post later this morning…

Thank you – appreciate it.

I have not kept up with this thread but just want to chime in. Creekland’s son portrays EC very accurately. My daughter describes it in a very similar way. She has especially appreciated the research opportunities.

Quick question for anyone still reading this thread: I know the college gives a date for EA result notifications, but does anyone know if that is a fixed date or an “anytime before that date” thing… ? In other words, might you hear back earlier?

@london203 I wish I could remember when my guy heard, but it’s been so long at this point (he’s a junior there now) and I hear so much at the school where I work from other kids who apply to all sorts of colleges every year that it’s totally slipped my mind. Sorry!

I have this thread bookmarked though, so your question came up. Hopefully others who might know more have done similarly.

@Creekland Thanks and no worries. It was mostly idle curiosity… am sure it won’t be long… the website says 15 December or thereabout and that is soon!

@london203, hope you heard by now. I understand that the decisions are usually sent out within 3-4 weeks from the date of your application. You can always find your admission counselor’s name on eckerd.edu and send them an e-mail. Best of luck!

@ECmotherx2 No word yet, but we are only just now approaching that time frame. I am staying out of it, but I sure am hoping for an admit… :stuck_out_tongue: