EA Class of 2023

@Shermygirl that’s interesting that your son didn’t specifically put down physics but is still being recruited. My D19 plans to be a physics major, so her invitation to apply made sense.

@threedoglimit To be clear – and I see now I wasn’t earlier and it’s too late to edit – my daughter only received an invitation to apply. I would assume she’d have a good chance of being selected if she did apply – after all, she’s a physics major – but I’m not sure she’s applying. February’s a busy month for her, and Appleton isn’t necessarily the easiest place to get to.


Musakparent - D received an e-mail notifying the update of portal site, and it showed the acceptance and FA. I don’t know why it was so early. I also expected it would come on 15th. Regardless, hope everybody else here gets same notification.


@Neko-cute did you apply ED or EA? The website says DEc 1 for ED and Dec for EA. Congratulations! ?

Hopefully the rest of us will see good news soon!


MusakParent, It was EA. Applied mid October. Thank you very much for your words, and I also hope the rest of you see good news soon as well!


I hope everyone else enjoyed listening in on the conference call with Lawrence last night. For those that missed it, the dean of admissions confirmed on that call that EA notiications would be released on 12-15 at 6:47 pm. (18:47 - LU was established in 1847).

Can’t come soon enough for me! My music kid is waiting for results on a bunch of other music prescreens too so getting a little stir crazy.

Thank you for the update! My DS missed the call (ugh!!) and we were disappointed not to hear from the students. DS has another notification this week along with Lawrence so we’re on pins and needles here too.

I thought the conference call was fantastic - such a great mix of students they picked to speak about their experiences. My only complaint is I wish it would have been at least an hour. They said they were trying to keep it to 30. I think it was probably closer to 40 when they closed off.

I’m personally in love with Lawrence but we’ll see what the kid thinks!

Thanks for the heads up @MusakParent – I listened in to the last 10 minutes of the conference (which shouldn’t have actually existed, given that they were trying to limit to 30 minutes) and heard the 12/15 date but not the 6:47 PM time. My D19 couldn’t listen (other obligations), but I agree that the students did well highlighting the good points about the school – I would think it would’ve been helpful (or at least motivating) to students listening in.

Did anyone else applying EA get a brochure mailing from Lawrence today!? Ah … torture! 2 days!

Does anyone know if it’s 18:47 Eastern time, or 18:47 Central time? Thanks!

Central I would think!

Accepted with generous merit! Seems like a special place, love how genuine everyone is.

@threedoglimit Just got accepted as well! would u mind sharing what u got for merit? I can’t find any typical merit scholarships on their website.

My S is still waiting on his decision. Anybody else not receive an update yesterday?

That is weird @Shermygirl ! Did you check the portal?

My son was accepted with generous merit also. @cambrynn I will PM you

@MusakParent how do you PM on CC? If I can figure it out, I will also PM you, @cambrynn

No portal update. Strange. Ah well, hopefully soon. Congrats to all those admitted! Very exciting!

@threedoglimit if you select someone’s user name you can PM them from that page. You may need a minimum of 15 posts to do it? I am happy to share or discuss with anyone via PM! I just don’t want to put too many personal details online. I can launch a PM too if that is easier.

Thanks, @MusakParent! I think you’re right, I may not have enough posts to PM. Like you, I’m happy to share but reluctant to put too much online. Congrats on your son’s acceptance!

I may be able to start a group PM when I sit down at my laptop?