EA Rhodes 2025

My son loves the city. It offers lots of opportunities even for a music major. He is doing a fellowship putting music to public art, of which there is plenty in the city.

Because of the city many of his friends of his have jobs off campus: country clubs, powerlifting gyms. In a smaller town the job opportunity may be more limited. His friends also come from all across the states.

Glad I could be of help.

I got admission to class of 2025. I had a few questions about grading at Rhodes. I am planning on pursuing the premed track and majoring in Bio. Is a 3.8+ do-able as a Bio major, or is this close to impossible to achieve? Would you say professors are pretty good at grading objectively or do they often let their own personal biases get in the way?

Are most people able to get into a med school the first time they apply? Does Rhodes have any affiliations to Med schools?

And finally, what are the habits/traits that distinguish those who are able to get into med school from those who are not at Rhodes?

We are visiting Rhodes this week. If anyone has questions or would like to hear our impressions, let me know.

I would love to hear your impressions!

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I would also welcome any information you can provide. We are scheduled to go in April which seems a bit late to be making decisions. Thank you!

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Does anyone know when rd applicants will find out? Is it rolling decisions? Is it bad that I haven’t heard even though I did apply close to the rd deadline

Same here

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@whiskeyyankee @Ferryp @CPAT1971

We were in Memphis this past Thursday and Friday and spent time in the downtown area and at Rhodes. We were very lucky with warm, sunny weather on Thursday but it was pretty chilly and overcast on Friday, which kept us from walking around as much as we would have liked. Our hotel was downtown on the trolley line so we either walked or grabbed the trolley to get around that area. We did not have a car so Uber/Lyft elsewhere. We checked out the Peabody Hotel (ducks in the lobby!), Huey’s (burgers, yum), walked over to Mud Island (absolutely worth it), spent time on Beale Street (touristy but enjoyed good music and BBQ), walked around the zoo and a bit in the neighborhood around Rhodes before the tour.

A lot has been asked about the safety of Memphis and the area around Rhodes. As two women navigating Memphis for a couple of days we did not feel unsafe in any way. We were aware of our surroundings and did not stay out late, just as we would behave in any city, especially one we are not familiar with. The people we met were very friendly and helpful with suggestions of things to do. The Rhodes campus is surrounded by residential neighborhoods, which I was told are primarily the homes of faculty and rental houses for students. We walked from campus to Cafe Eclectic for lunch on Friday before our campus tour.

We were able to walk around campus on our own before the tour and even in a building. The campus is small but beautiful, with Gothic buildings and touches of stained glass. Once we were on the tour, our tour guide took us in additional academic buildings, the library and the dining hall. The tour group could not enter the dorms as they are currently occupied. After the tour, there was time with a professor and a student panel. We were told classes are currently hybrid and they have weekly random covid testing. They have not yet announced the plan for the fall. The kids were given gift bags with swag and made to feel very welcome.

I wish we’d had a bit more time and that covid did not have the campus and city somewhat shutdown. It would have been helpful for my D to see more campus life, but with limited in person classes plus the weather there weren’t many students around. Perhaps also because it was a Friday afternoon. There are many galleries, museums and funky shops in downtown we would have loved to explore. There is also a trendy shopping and food district about 1.5 miles from Rhodes, Crosstown Concourse. I understand students hang out there a lot. There was not much (that we saw) within an easy walk of Rhodes, other than a couple of small cafes, a small market, and the zoo as it seemed mostly residential.

Hopefully that overview is useful. Feel free to ask me any specific questions.

ETA: Downtown Memphis was fairly open. One impressive thing is the way the city has handled covid. All restaurants require patrons to sign in and include a phone number in case contact tracing is required. Even on Beale Street we felt the protocols were being enforced and taken seriously.


Thanks for all the detail. Hope you both had a nice trip.

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Thank you for letting us know about your visit. We are going in mid April- I’m hoping the weather is nice and the covid restrictions are reduced but still safe.

What was your daughter’s impression? Has she made a decision?

Thanks for the lowdown. It sounds like is was a good visit.

Overall her impression is positive and Rhodes is definitely in consideration. She is pre-med so Rhodes offers wonderful opportunities in that area of interest as well as being an LAC, which is what she prefers. The AO has been very communicative with multiple personal interactions that made my D feel appreciated. Rhodes has also been very generous with merit, which is important to us as we want to preserve as much of her education account as possible to apply to grad/med school. I wish my D had been able to see a bit more of campus life. She has been to Rhodes twice now, once when the campus was completely closed and now this recent trip where we’d hoped to see a more typical college experience. We saw more of Memphis and the Rhodes area this trip, but still did not see much of campus/student life. This, of course, is not unique to Rhodes as most colleges are so limited now in what they can show admitted/prospective students. I hate that for all our kids!

So I expect my D will make her decision in April. She is waiting on a couple other merit offers in the RD round that could come into consideration. I have a feeling April will be a nail biter!

If anyone else visits, please share your impressions. Maybe we can all piece together the whole picture. :grin:

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I’m sure that you will have been told that only the first years are on campus at the moment - hence the ‘lack of a student feel’. As you say I am sure that many of the colleges are in the same boat. Classes this semester are a mix of on-line and face-to-face, so again less students moving from class to class.
But as a positive story Rhodes students are volunteering at a vaccination centre and after so many shifts are getting any spare vaccines. From what my son tells me ‘everyone’ is doing it. If that were the case it bodes well for getting everyone back on campus in August.
Other feel good stories for a rather torrid time is that Memphis’s weather in February was similar to Texas and it threw everything into to a spin. The freshman on campus mucked in and picked up the reins when campus staff couldn’t get in for work shifts. I know they really have had a difficult time but the community spirit brings a warm glow.
My son is very happy with the way Rhodes have handled Covid, as we are as parents.

I can’t make a decision for you - everyone is different - but I think your daughter would not be disappointed if she chose Rhodes.


I did not realize only first years are on campus this semester - that is good to know for our future visit. I wonder how the graduating seniors feel about that …

Thank you so much for pointing that out for others. I see I failed to mention that specifically. My oversight. And in case it did not read clearly, my frustration (on behalf of my D) would have been the same at any school. It was not meant to read as a criticism of Rhodes. I was impressed with what I learned about Rhodes’ Covid safety measures while trying to give the kids some level of positive experience. I just regret those necessary measures make it difficult for our kids (or at least my kid) to envision how they will fit in a campus. On the other hand, we should just concentrate on the fact we actually were able to visit a campus! So many kids have not been able to do that yet.

Also, I appreciate reading your parent’s perspective and love hearing how happy your son is at Rhodes. This year more than ever that information, those anecdotes are so helpful. I’ll definitely share with my D.

My son is a Junior but I think most of the Seniors live off campus. First and second years are required to live on campus but this year it is only the first years so that they could experience campus life. The campus is open - library, labs, music rooms etc but of course with some of the classes on line it does not require the students to be on campus. My son is studying in the library now. He is working on campus and though it is quieter it is so much better than being closed as it was this time last year and last semester when you had to have a campus pass. He had one to use the music rooms but his girlfriend didn’t. The library wasn’t open and there was no one living on campus except some internationals and special cases.

Hope that helps

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Thanks for letting us know how the trip went. We’re taking our DS on Monday, March 22nd.

BTW, Rhodes opened up some Mondays for admitted seniors, so if anyone missed the Fridays for admitted seniors, try signing up for a Monday for admitted seniors. The first one coming up is March 15th.


Yes, thank you so much for letting us know that only the freshman are on campus! That definitely makes a difference in that campus feel.

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I see your son is majoring in music at Rhodes. Would you be open to answering some music specific questions, through PM preferably. We just returned from the visit to Rhodes and loved the campus, but trying to figure out the music major/minor specifics.