Eagle day rsvp?

<p>Has anybody RSVPed for Eagle day but not recieved a conformation, it should come right when you do it? I rsvped a week ago and never recieved conformation..</p>

<p>They're probably on winter break</p>

<p>i think its all electronic</p>

<p>i rsvped right after i recieved my admissions letter and i never got a conformation.. i didn't know they were going to send us one? i just assume they got the info, and maybe we'll get one closer to eagle day.</p>

<p>" Please fill out all required portions of the following Admitted Eagle Day RSVP Form. Upon successful submission, you will receive an immediate confirmation that your RSVP has been received which will include important information about your day. Please be patient as this may take a few moments. If you do not wait for the confirmation, your RSVP will not be received and you will not receive your registration information. Thank you."</p>

<p>Thats what the RSVP website said. So im guessing its electronic. I guess I'll wait till the 4th and try again or something.</p>

<p>same here. But I also have another problem. The thursday and friday before the Eagle Day sunday, I have midterms. The following monday and tuesday, I also have midterms. Now, should I go? Or should I study for midterms?</p>

<p>Your accepted to college, forget midterms :)</p>

<p>i thought the conformation was merely the page which told you what hall you needed to go to to register. it doesn't say anything about an email and it also says within a "few moments." i dunno, maybe i'm wrong but i wouldn't worry about it, i'm sure they have your info.</p>