Early Action Decision Date!

<p>You guys don't even freakin understand... come to the Hopkins forums... we had a 45% increase in ED apps since 2004....</p>


<p>So is it a fat packet or a small letter? How much does being a recruited athlete help at Chicago?</p>

<p>I think being an athlete will definitely help, but you need to back it up with strong academics and good scores.</p>

<p>It is a big packet for undergrad, I've heard. My father, however, (who went to the GSB) said his acceptance was in a small envelope.</p>

<p>I almost had a heart-attack yesterday. My sister was picking up the mail and I told her, "I bet my rejection letter from Chicago is in there". She looked up at me and handed me a small letter from U of C! I almost fainted. It was actually just a letter from the admissions office, but a little bit of me died inside. ;) </p>

<p>I wear my Chicago sweatshirt everyday, have my penant hanging in my room, and have a Chicago desktop theme! If I don't get in, I will have quite a bit of stuff to burn. jk. December 15th is definitely going to involve a lot of binge drinking, either out of celebration or depression.</p>

<p>Does anyone know if the letters actually come on the 15th? I know they mail them out around the 11th, but I don't know if I'll get mine on time. It would SUCK getting it like a week later. I live out in the middle of nowhere Michigan (outside of Ann Arbor...but not even in a city, so our mail comes a day later than everyone else)....can someone tell me when I might recieve my letter? Thanks</p>

<p>Hahah funny story with your letter :)</p>

<p>At least they said they will mail them "by" the 15th so I don't think we should worry too much.</p>

<p>I'm just wondering whether a rejection or acceptance will reach us at the same pace - I've heard rumors that rejections reach later.</p>

<p>For some schools, they do send out the rejections later. I don't think Chicago, however, is one of those schools. I know, though, that I am going to panic if I don't get it on the 15th!</p>

<p>In this newsweek article with Ted O'Neill, it said they mail out all the decisions by December 11th (or the 10th, as the 11th is a Sunday this year, I believe). If anyone wants a copy of the article, they can PM me and I'll email it to them. It's a PDF file.</p>

<p>Hey it says on Chicago's website that internatioanls who are admitted receieve an email prior to their letters. What a way to find out huh? </p>

<p>Wow, if they're sending our all the decisions around the 10th or 11th, it means that they have reviewed around 2,500 applications in a little more than three weeks.</p>

<p>Genevieve- you might be able to call around the 11th. I don't think they tell you if you're rejected but they might tell you if your in.</p>

<p>wow... im going to get an e-mail to inform me... what a nice way to know the decision uh..</p>

<p>December 10??? Last year EA'ers didn't find out until December 15 at the very earliest. :eek:</p>

if you are in, you will receive a proper box full of welcome letters and course catalogs and such as a follow-up to your e-mail. I believe that they went to the e-mail notification to avoid the problem with varying delivery times for international applicants.</p>

<p>Genevieve (and other US applicants) -
I believe that you will have to wait for your letters to find out. Last year, for RD, my son's acceptance arrived in middle-of-nowhere Ohio a couple of days after the earliest receipts by kids in the Chicagoland area. </p>

<p>The slowest and most agonizing delivery times were, as I recall, in rural Texas. We were speculating on the Parent's Forum that delivery was assigned to extremely slow armillos. Wasn't just Chicago - armdillo-post was used for Carleton's acceptances, too. You would think we moms would have learned patience by now, but I guess not when it comes to admissions results. Parts of NJ and metro NY were slow, too, so don't panic if the envelope doesn't arrive at the earliest possible instant.</p>

<p>Last year, the acceptance envelope was large, and white with a gray phoenix graphic covering most of the front. </p>

<p>Best wishes to all of you - this is a tough time of year!</p>

<p>i wish the envelope was bright maroon so i could assess its size at first glance and know whether to celebrate or curl up and cry. :(</p>

<p>18 days left?</p>


<p>"Armadillo mail to Texas...." </p>

<p>Groan....wouldn't you know! We aren't rural but I have a sinking feeling son will be pounding the pavement waiting for the verdict.</p>

<p>My scores and grades are OKAY (not bad, but not with their best students--extenuating circumstances with the severe illness and death of a parent), but I am a 2 sport recruited athlete (3 if you include indoor/outdoor track as 2 different sports) along with spending 6 months abroad during the school year in a foregin country and having good/great recs and essays. My scores though (1260 m/v ACK) and low GPA (3.5-3.6 area) are killers... I did take a fairly hard courseload.</p>