Early Decision 1 Chances?

Hello all! I’m applying ED1 from Georgia. I’m a white female and I go to a private Catholic school. I’ve visited campus once in October and I’m applying for Political Communication with Political Science as my alternative.

I’m stressing over decision day HEAVILY and I would really appreciate any feedback/thoughts!

Cumulative GPA: 4.025/4.0 unweighted and 3.96/4.0 weighted

Scores: I applied test optional but my SAT is 1220 and my ACT is a 28

Rigor: My school doesn’t allow AP classes to be taken freshman year so between sophomore and junior year I’ve taken 3 APs. I’m currently taking two more APs as well as being dual enrolled for English. Also, I’ve taken 3 honors courses.
So far, my AP scores are -
AP World History: 3
AP U.S. History: 3
AP Language and Composition: 5


  • Accumulated 126 hours of various volunteer projects (rebuilding homes, reading to children, working with local soup kitchens, organizing a “Special Prom” at a local church for those with disabilities)
  • I’ve been on my class student council for two years as the Vice President and this year, as a senior, I was elected student body treasurer.
  • Organized the powderpuff game at my school for 3 years
  • Organized my school’s trip to Atlanta for the March for Our Lives
  • Interviewed Miss America 2016 during freshman year for my school’s community magazine
  • Was interviewed by Associated Press during the MFOL
  • Gave a speech in March of this year during my school’s memorial service for the Parkland tragedy and was later interviewed by Georgia Public Broadcasting about it
  • Selected to participate in a GPB video segment in which two residents of my city, one white and one black, sit for an hour and discuss racism in our community
  • I’ve worked at a yoga studio for two years as a clerk and assistant to the owner
  • I’m a member of the National Honors Society, which I have mentored three sophomores through
  • I was one of the founding members of my school’s Environmental Team
  • Member of Beta club
  • A bit random, but I have a small business in which I make and sell calligraphy pieces such as cards, art, and decor
  • I’m involved in a diploma endorsement program which builds leadership skills and allows a 3 year study into an area of choice (in my case, politics)
  • I’m involved in a group called Georgia Women, which hosts various political events and allows me to participate in city hall forums as well as work alongside local elected officials


  • St. Michael College Book award
  • Academic letter freshman year
  • Academic recognition sophomore and junior year

Essays: I would say writing is where I excel the most. My college english professor reviewed all three of my essays and, out of my whole application, I’m most confident in my essays. In my common app essay, I discuss what I’ve learned from my personal grief process. My GW supplemental essay discusses giving a speech for gun control to my largely conservative classmates. My political communication essay is about Ruth Bader Ginsburg and why I would choose to be her out of anybody involved in politics.

I give all my love to anybody who reads over this. I appreciate any sort of feedback more than I can express. And to anybody else applying ED, I send the best of luck to all of you!!!

Thank you!

it sounds like you have a very good chance. I dont see anything missing . We are also from GA. (my D attends GW).

thank you so much!! I appreciate the feedback!!