Electrical Engineering

<p>My school is not even close to being ranked near MIT and the likes, but I believe our teachers teach some of the courses better than the "greatest tech school" known to mankind. It could be that the online courses are structured to give little interaction between the professor and students so that the material can be covered in the alloted time.</p>

<p>EM waves is NOT an easy course. Anything that deals with maxwell can't be easy.</p>



<p>The difference between EE and ME are much, much greater than that. They are concerned with completely different branches of physics. EE is primarily E&M based and ME is primarily mechanics based. The only area that really overlaps is signals processing. Other than that, I don't really understand what the question is.</p>

<p>The main difference between EE and ME is that they have literally nothing to do with each other and deal with completely different fields of human endeavor.</p>

<p>Electromagnetics and solid state are mostly physics. Signal processing, control, and communications are entirely math.</p>