The CSS profile is due shortly and my biological father needs to fill out the noncustodial profile. I submitted my profile an hour ago, but I’m still waiting for info on the noncustodial! I haven’t received an email, and therefore my dad can’t submit his necessary information. What do I do?!

Just wait. There is nothing else you can do.

@ivybound15 I got the login credentials as soon as I registered for an account on the CSS Profile website. The credentials are in the same email that you received when you registered for the CSS Profile. The email’s subject line is “Your PROFILE CSS ID”.

The first paragraph of the email is: "This email serves as confirmation that you have registered for the 2015-16 CSS/PROFILE Application. Please keep this email as a record of your CSS ID. You will need to refer to this number for any questions or inquiries to customer service. "

The noncustodial parent credentials is right under “What should my noncustodial parent do?”.

Try searching through your inbox for the email’s subject line.