ESA animal mauls another passenger on airline flight

As I have mentioned before, I never ever had a patient ask for an ESA letter, but I did have a friend ask me to write a letter for her. That was really awkward, and inappropriate for her to ask me to do something unethical. Sorry- no.

I hope (but it won’t happen) that people can no longer purchase fake “service dog” vests for their pets. True service animals are very well trained and well behaved. Many pets are not. I have a friend who bought a fake vest for his puppy that he travelled with on an airplane. Puppies are not service dogs.

It’s just like everything else, people think it’s all about them and that they’re too important to follow the rules…I’m glad the airlines are getting stricter. It is too bad that this will probably make it more expensive and difficult for people who have an actual need.

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I think it will be the opposite - that people who need service dogs will get to take them (for free, there is no charge for a service animal) and people will know that it a true service dog and not someone gaming the system.

My friend who is training a service dog has had push back from restaurants that she can’t bring the dog in because it is not (yet) a service dog. They are correct and by law she can’t bring the dog in training in. However, I think the restaurant and other stores have relaxed the rules too often for ESA or just pets that people want to take into stores and restaurants and this business said “Enough! No animals except service dogs.” That where the airlines are now (service dogs okay, all others are pets and have to pay)

Thank heavens this trend is going to die out!


And Delta joins the ranks “ Airlines and passengers had raised concerns about safety and other issues as more and more travelers brought animals on board. By certifying their pets as emotional support animals, pet owners had been able to avoid paying extra fees when flying. Under the new U.S. Department of Transportation rules taking effect next week, airlines are no longer required to grant special access to emotional support animals.

Delta’s policy change means it will stop accepting new bookings for emotional support animals on Jan. 11. Those who already have tickets confirmed with the animals can still fly as planned. American and Alaska Airlines recently have announced similar policies.”


This ad seems like a bad idea here…

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Why? It’s on topic and it shows that the system of determining if one needs a “support animal” is flawed.