FAFSA questions for 2022-2023 filers

Your son’s salary is NOT included on your daughter’s financial aid forms….at all…ever.

Yes, I will keep updated. The reason we forgoed the National Match, was because of her low SAT score. She has nearly a stellar transcript from a top specialized high school, and great extracurriculars, recommendations, etc. Her SAT score fell in the 13xx range, and that I personally felt would not benefit her application for the actual match in such a competive national college match pool, which is why she decided to do Regular D., and take the time to improve her SAT score.

I would not have her take the SAT anymore, she needs to be keeping up her grades and working on college app essays. All of the QB partners are test optional. What applications is she getting in by Nov 1?

The deadline for the QB regular decision & supplements is somewhere in December.

Nov 1 is the deadline for Match application supplements.

She should not be limiting herself to QB schools. She should be writing essays now. And again, if she becomes a finalist, I am nearly certain she can roll her app into ED/ED2 and/or EA at some of the QB partner schools.

What is her affordable safety school? She needs at least one, ideally two.

Because of November 1, is really limited time for 12 apps, for mostly the compeitive schools she wants to apply to. That’s why she decided to do QB regular decision instead that is due December 13 I believe the rankings, and the supplements are due January.

No QB schools are safeties, what is her affordable safety? Not to mention, we are jumping the gun on the whole QB finalist thing.

Yes. She is an extremely compelling candidate, besides her low SAT score, which may weaken her APP. She is applying planning on EAing to UMich.

Good that she will meet the Mich EA deadline. Is she in or out of state for Mich? Regardless, it’s unlikely to be a safety.

How many schools (QB or not) is she planning on applying to?

Can we please stick to the topic of this thread? If you have Questbridge questions…either start your own thread with them or look in the Questbridge area of this forum and start a thread here. Lots of very knowledgable folks about QB there!

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I am reading this thread to learn about FAFSA myself, but your son’s concern for his sister really struck me, what a great kid.

Perhaps if he gets a high paying job, he can help pay for his sister’s schooling by starting to pay back the amount you paid for him? Hopefully that would not somehow reduce your D’s aid if you have an additional source of support – maybe the experts here can answer that? If it would, he could instead pay you back after she’s done with college.

Just an idea so he doesn’t worry about his sister and can focus on future plans for himself. :wink: