Fairfield University Class of 2026 Early Action

So grateful to be accepted!! Is the magis scholarship an invitation to the honors program, is this a guarantee to be in the program?

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I’m deferred

I have no idea why Fairfield is SOOO expensive. It’s right up there with BC, UPenn, and Villanova. Crazy. Cannot justify paying that for Fairfield!!

My daughter got into their nursing program and she did not submit tests scores and her WGPA is 4.297. She is a certified EMT tho. Surprised your daughter did not get admitted, she probably will the second time around.

Aww. Thanks for the vote of confidence. Much appreciated. She has other great options so it will all work out regardless. And maybe Fairfield not admitting her just saved me a lot of $$. :).
Good luck to your girl!

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Although Fairfield is expensive when looking at sticker price, they do give a lot of merit aid which the other schools you listed do not. If your student has the numbers to get into UPenn then they should get a pretty big scholarship from Fairfield. We didn’t think Fairfield was affordable either but the $ they offered have it a possibility.

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