Fall dorm move-in vs. Spring move-out

My ex and I did move-in together, and it went OK…but I’m kind of glad I am doing move-out just with her, though it sounds like an extra pair of hands would come in handy…

I forgot last year’s move out where my daughter was the last one out of a 6 person apartment and the other girls left everything in the common kitchen and just bailed. The RA was nice enough to bring my daughter and I giant garbage bags and we just chucked everything out - food in the fridge, cabinets, freezer, pots, pans, dishes, etc. What a disaster.

We just went to kid 1 to start moving her stuff out. We will be up there in another two weeks to finish moving her out. We went up there with a bunch of duffle bags. We drove several hours, warned her in advance that she should pack as much as possible, and when we got there…she hands us one bag and says that’s it. Um…no. We went back in and brought home several bags. We use a combination of duffle bags and large garbage bags. She is going to have to clean the apartment (they are off campus). Last year her house mate left a mess and everybody got billed for it.

Kid 2 moves out next week. She is too far to make a trip ahead of time. Kid 2 is a slob and I anticipate a lot of stress. Once again we will be using duffle bags, large garbage bags, and possibly some other type of bag that she has there now. The school sent home some information about storage. Evidently you can pay to store your stuff there for the summer. We did not do that- but she can store some stuff at her friend’s house if she wants to. I doubt she will, which means she and dad will be packing up. He is getting there just as finals are ending- there will be no time to pack before he arrives. She has a shelf really high up- we got her a step ladder. Not quite sure what they are going to do with it. I am finding kid 2’s move to be much harder just because of the distance. They have to remember to clean the suite and shut off the AC. When they came home for Thanksgiving they were written up because they forgot to turn it off.

It is frustrating that in many cases the college requires kids to move out 24 hours or so after their last exam. So who can really expect them to do much organization and packing before they’re done, and they are usually in desperate need of sleep during some fraction of that time.

I go tomorrow to help my freshman D move out. She has to be out 24 hours after last final and she brought WAY too much stuff in August. AND has acquired more stuff during the year. She is so stressed about sorting what will be stored and what we need to take home for summer. She keeps texting with questions. When I called, she said she has studying to do. I stopped her in her tracks - “Studying is #1 priority!” I’ll be there for 48 hours. I’m hoping that’s enough time to pack up and clean. I’m also hoping she’ll purge and we can donate some stuff. Should be a fun 48 hours after traveling across the country. I’m expecting a total mess! Bonding, right?

I’m having a hard time understanding how it can take more than 2-3 hours to move stuff from a dorm room into a car, assuming the car can be parked within a block or two of the dorm. Well, ok I guess if you have to move a fridge and there’s no elevator, but the rest of it?

Amazon should have a storage business for their customers because my daughter got a LOT of stuff from them during her freshman year. They made it way too easy for D to get stuff in the middle of cornfields of the midwest.

And it gets worse when they graduate. More emotional, more stress. My S had to be out by like 8PM on graduation day. UGH. We went the weekend before to take a lot of stuff out but still, packing the rest of the stuff and wiping down the kitchen/bathroom in his suite did put a damper an otherwise wonderful graduation day. At least my D she has until noon on the day after graduation to move out (although we will still go early to get the bulk of her stuff out).

I will be facing the graduation move out in about a week - not looking forward to it. Hopefully, much of the stuff will be moved in advance (to an apartment - not coming back home).

My kids never had move in the same day as a roommate. Both went early for a sport. However, move out? The other posts have given you a pretty good idea of what to expect (no or inadequate packing, an increase in the amount of “stuff” over the year, grumpy post-finals kids), but I will add that you are also working around a roommate and his or her family. So, TWICE as much as your own kids already multiplying stuff to wade through (and in my d’s case, I do mean wade) and extra people trying to navigate in the same tiny space!

OK you guys have me definitely worried. My D is ending her freshman year. She took her car out over Winter Break, so she says not to worry and she’ll move herself out. But I know she won’t start packing until the last minute and she severely underestimates the stuff she has. I’ve thought about flying out that Saturday morning, but then she has to make room for me in the car. And one of the things she managed to accumulate this semester was a cage of two rats plus their rat accessories!

I’m still having trouble understanding how stuff that fits into a car or a cramped dorm room can take multiple people all day to move. My daughter has 5 drawers for clothing, about 3 ft of closet hanging space, a desk with two drawers and two 3-ft shelves for books, (but only a few books), bedding, towels, a small lamp and computer. She’s got a few posters on the wall, about 3 boxes of stuff under her bed and a large empty suitcase waiting to receive the clothes from the drawers. How on earth can this take multiple people hours and hours to pack and put into a car? What am I missing?

Move-in went really well. We went to designated parking lot and unloaded, got a cart and I think 3 loads plus carrying stuff did the job. We then had a minor hiccup with key not being activated. Roommate had moved in earlier and was out shopping for last minute necessities. After key was good to go we unpacked and put away, made the bed, hung up clothes, cleaned the bathroom. It took several hours and I was surprised by that.

Facing move-out this weekend. We are supposed to be able to park in the same lot and get carts. So I’m hoping it will only take about an hour to pack up and bring stuff down to the car. Then do the cleaning and RA check.
Roommate is moving out a day earlier so that should help.

@mathyone If you’re an experienced packer and you’re prepared, it won’t be bad. But if you’re not, and you wake up on move-out day, and start thinking, um, I wonder where to get some boxes . . .uh, does anyone have packing tape? oh, I forgot about the winter clothes I stored under the bed, etc., there’s definitely potential for problems. Or if you procrastinate and/or have accumulated extra stuff. Also if you’re driving, you have to pack it in such a way that it fits into the dimensions of whatever vehicle you’re using while maintaining some visibility. In D’s case, that’s a small car. And the dratted rats will need their own seat! I just hope she is organized enough to put the bedding, including all her decorative pillows and the mattress topper, in storage along with 3-level mini-bookshelf she bought after she got there, the under-bed shoe rack she bought, and the area rug she ordered. But the storage is only available limited hours during finals week and is first come first served.

@mathyone, we went minimal with moving in and thought D would get, on her own, what she needed. That worked very well moving in. What we didn’t anticipate was her roommate (and the refrigerator) moving out. She bought a refrigerator. Then, she proceeded to fill the empty space left by her roommate. When we visited last month, we all noticed she just had more stuff. Some of the stuff she even got for free - students who graduated or left mid-year gave her some things.

Thanks for the tip on the IKEA bags! What a great idea. For anyone else looking for them, I found them on Amazon and had 5 shipped to my D in college. Told her to start packing and let me know if she needs more. Here’s the link to the bags on Amazon. Free shipping with Prime. http://www.amazon.com/Ikea-901-491-48-Frakta-Storage-Blue/dp/B00QNRHM8C?ie=UTF8&refRID=AHZQ1E8NV3EA7VPSJT6J&ref_=pd_rhf_eetyp_p_img_1#Ask

it takes multiple people hours because you don’t just take everything and put it in the car - you have to throw out the 20 + empty amazon boxes with bubble wrap from the stuff you sent all year, clean out the fridge (and all the expired rotten food), sort through the dirty laundry, undo the bed linens, take the stuff off the walls (and windows), throw out the half empty toiletries, gently pack and wrap the delicate souvenirs accumulated from events throughout the year, run to a friend’s room to return whatever it was that was borrowed and is in your child’s room hidden so she didn’t realize she still had it, stop and say goodbye to the kid two doors away who is leaving, go buy yet another bottle of cold water from the store next door because you are hot and sweaty, etc.

I’m telling you…the best thing about having the kid 3000 miles from home was that she stored her college stuff someplace beside my living room.

The kid 2 hours way moved his stuff home every summer…where it sat in my living room until it was time to return to college. Never got unpacked at all.

If I had it to do again, I’d pay for storage at the college town regardless of the distance from my house.

Thumper I got the same benefit with a kid 2000 miles away and the same disadvantage with the one 2.5 hours away. Unfortunately the one 2000 miles away is a minamalist and only has a few tubs of belongings and the one who brings it all home has enough stuff for herself and 3 other kids. Just my luck.

Speaking of crap…We still have a garage bay filled with the apartment stuff brought home after graduation last May, with much of it originally in my dining room through summer. Of course our german car sits outside the garage…to clarify, my son had 3 foreign room mates for 3 years - athletes - who came to college with a single trash bag of clothes and a tennis bag, and left with the same stuff. We had furnished the apartment for all of them, and as an added bonus, got to bring it all back with us. Craigslist anyone?