FASFA Verification

So I’ve been selected for FASFA verification and im slightly confused in the email they say “financial aid office of your college” except im still in high school, so does this mean that I need to physically visit the financial aid offices of the colleges that im most likely to accept?

You need to send the verification materials to any college you are applying to that requests this verification information.

Your application for financial aid will not be processed until this is done.

Is that the answer to your question…or are you asking something else?

My question is that is there any way to digitally send my Fasfa verification to a college like hunter college? Or do I need to visit their financial aid office.

Did they ask for documents? If so, they should also have told you how to get those documents to Hunter College. There has to be a way to do so without appearing in person. Folks get verified all the time…and some from thousands of miles away from the college. The college doesn’t expect you to hop a plane to deliver documents.

@sybbie719 do you know how Hunter wants verification documents to be sent?

@VerumEx check the info regarding your verification for Hunter. Hunter should have told you how they want verification documents sent to them. If not, give their financial aid office a call. Do what they tell you.

Call Hunter.

If it were me, i would have no problem going to Hunter and turning in my forms to an actual person to make sure they had all of my required documents so that my money would be right. They will not disburse any actual money to you without verification. If they review your documents and your FAFSA EFC is under $3000, you will be exempt from paying the seat deposit.

Were you accepted through general admission or SEEK? SEEK has a limited number of seats. The process is always moving forward until all of those seats are filled. Once the SEEK seats are filled they are done.

If it is too onerous for you go go to Hunter, then you may need to rethink Hunter as a college option. You will need to travel there every day as a commuter because unless you were accepted in the the Macauley’s Honors College at Hunter, financial aid is not going to cover housing.

My son also received a verification email. It said to have the required documents submitted by March 9th. I’m confused. If I need to request a tax transcript from the IRS, there’s no way everything will be submitted by March 9th. Anyone understand this???

You can get a tax transcript in person at an IRS office.

You can also get a tax transcript online. Just google it and follow the steps.

Thanks. Turns out that I didn’t need to get a tax transcript. The schools just wanted the “verification worksheet”.