Favorite songs of 2009-2010 lets have some fun

<p>i told you! those were the songs off the top of my head from THIS YEAR. most of favs r real oldiesss- does anyone like the white stripes?</p>

<p>yay white stripes!</p>

<p>i wish i could 'like' your comment lol</p>

<p>I love the White Stripes! You've heard "Harder to be a Gentlemen"? It's hilarious!</p>


<p>Bad Romance
Dancing in the Dark
- Lady Gaga</p>

<p>If only They knew
Just Another One
Fear of Flying
-A Rocket to the Moon</p>

<p>I love A Rocket to the Moon! but i only know songs from one of their albums</p>

<p>lady gaga scares me. WE MUST SAVE THIS THREAD lol.</p>

"What would you do if an alien walked into your room?"
"Tell them to take back Lady Gaga."
-RayWilliamJohnson on Youtube</p>


<p>im not kidding she has problems. I would like her a bit more if she wasnt so wacky. She is an attention hog</p>

<p>I agree. I think some of her songs are catchy, but they're not that great. If I'm in the mood for some techno-pop I listen to September. Mainly because I don't know what she looks like.</p>

<p>l woudlnt mind her so much if she wasnt so loco</p>

<p>Haha - "loco". That's a funny phrase. XDDD</p>

<p>Apparently her (ex)boyfriend was named Speedy. Looking at pictures of him, he scares me a bit more than she does. O_O</p>

<p>she cant even dress in normal clothes. they interviewed her on the street once, she wore a toga out in public.... wth</p>

<p>This is why I dont watch TV. It does strange things to your sense of what's normal and what's not.</p>

<p>Glee versions of anything, lol...guilty pleasure</p>

<p>Other than that, I love Lady Gaga
Poker Face
Bad Romance
I really like that she's extremely pretty but will make herself look completely ridiculous</p>

<p>makem say- meek mill</p>

<p>i want to save this thread i think poeople had fun with it</p>

<p>did you guys see what she wore to meet the queen? o.O ...nightmares for lil children much..</p>

<p>im lovin the new song by train- hey soul sister (-:</p>