Fay School (Junior Boarding)


<p>alelu - thank you for posting this. Out of the few Junior boarding schools in existence, the Fay School is most renowned.</p>

<p>sk8...its the Bement School thats across the street from Deerfield Academy, Eaglebrook is on the other side of the main drag.</p>

<p>Also, adding to Sadie2's comment: A lot of Bement people go to Deerfield.</p>

<p>bumppp bumpp bummpp</p>

<p>Southborough's</a> Fay School gets environmental thumbs-up - Southborough, MA - Wicked Local Southborough</p>

<p>Hey you guys.... so Matriculation 2010 :)</p>

<p>8th Graders
6 returning to their countries, 3 Andover, 1 Governer's, 2 Worcester Academy, 2 Milton, 1 Lawrence, 4 public school, 1 Xaverian Brothers High School, 1 NMH, 7 St. Mark's, 3 Rivers, 1 Gould, 1 Dana Hall, 1 Thayer, 1 Lawrenceville, 1 Concord Academy, 1 St. George's, 1 Berkshire, 2 Middlesex, 1 Hotchkiss, 2 Exeter, 1 Belmont Hill, 2 Tabor, 1 Stoneleigh-Burnham</p>

<p>9th Graders
2 Worcester Academy, 2 Exeter, 3 Choate, 2 St. Paul's, 2 Cate, 1 Brooks, 2 NMH, 2 Lawrence, 1 Peddie, 1 returning to country, 1 KUA, 3 Andover, 1 American School Foundation (Mexico City), 4 St. Mark's, 1 Westover, 3 St. George's, 3 Middlesex, 2 Blair, 2 Lawernceville, 1 Suffield, 3 New Hampton, 1 Deerfield, 1 Pembroke Hill School (Kansas City), 1 Williston Northampton, 1 public school, 1 Keio Academy (NYC), 1 Webb School (California), 1 Tabor Academy.</p>

<p>alelu- why did you go to deerfield?</p>

<p>I don't know, I guess that I thought it was between Middlesex and Deerfield and nothing bad to Middlesex but I thought that Deerfield could give me more opportunities as a bigger school and that the community was a more warm and welcoming place.<br>
Believe me, I am the kind of person that would have loved to go with the like what, 5 other people who are going to Middlesex, and I'm very scared about going to such a big school not knowing anyone in my own grade, but I really just fell in love with the school.</p>

<p>Aiight. coo'. Revisit day was fun, though. I think I want a freshman boy apprentice. And I want all the freshies in my dorm to call me "mom" (by senior year i want them all to call me mom). <em>random</em> jesus this is what happens when I don't interact with people my own age for a week...</p>