fbi youth leadership program

I would like to apply, but I do not know any FBI graduates. Any way to help this situation?

Same here; the program sounds like a great experience but I don’t know anyone who could sponsor me…


My name is Anna :slight_smile: I am applying for the FBINAA-YLP this year (2021). I would love any tips you have or any guidance you could provide for me. I found this randomly on the internet and I live no where close to the chapter in my state so I just trying my best and hoping I am in the right direction. Thank you for your time. I’m sorry this is so informal.

Hi there, I am also applying this year (2021) and I was wondering if you had received any recent advice or tips for getting in to this program? Thank you and good luck!

Hi there, I actually happen to be from Washington State too and I am applying for this program this year (2021). I would really appreciate any information or advice you could give on what helped you get in, especially since I’m applying through the same chapter as you. Thank you in advance!

Hey, My name is Lena. I’m also actually applying to the FBINAA Youth Leadership Program for 2021. I don’t have any advice, all I know is that I’m in the process of writing the essay and I’m pretty nervous. Have you guys sent in the application yet?

Hi Bugsy! I applied last year and was selected to attend the interviews, but they got canceled. I wrote my best advice on how to get past the application process in this post: FBINAA Youth Leadership Program - #4 by Basketball2216 - hopefully that is somewhat helpful and feel free to reach out with any additional questions!

Hey, I say you were answering a lot of people’s questions on the program. I just found this on Thursday but I spent this weekend and already have everything filled, out, the only thing is I can’t seem to get ahold of my chapter coordinator to ask them a few questions. So I figure I can ask you, are we supposed to send the applications directly to the chapter coordinator whose email is given or do we send it to someone else?

Hi Maddy! Thanks for reaching out. Yes, you should send your application directly to your chapter coordinator. If you haven’t reached out yet, I would recommend sending an email saying that you filled out the application and if there is any additional information you should know before submitting it. The emails of each coordinator can be found here: YLP Coordinators You may also be able to look up the name of your coordinator and phone their direct number of the police station where they work (my coordinator is a police officer so when I look up his name I found his station and information). If that still doesn’t work, I reccommend reaching out to this email info@fbileeda.org . Hopefully that helps and let me know if you have any more questions!

Would you have any idea about the types of questions they ask? Things to highlight? Also what is the time line between interview and decision? Thank you for all the info!

I’ve never actually gone to an interview since they got canceled last year, so I have no idea. Last year, my chapter director responded within 2 days, and this year he responded to me not even a day after I submitted the application. But it probably depends on who runs your chapter. As far as the time between the interview and the decision, I have no idea.

Oh OK thank you so much

Hey! I am super late I guess but I applied for YLP and my interview is Tomorrow. I am super nervous, best of luck to everyone that applied!

Good luck tomorrow!! If you wouldn’t mind could you share some of the questions they ask afterwards?

Sure! As long as the panel doesn’t say that I can’t for some reason. Which state are you from? I am from Iowa, the land of pigs and corn.

Oh nice I’ve never been to Iowa! I am from Washington.

BAHAHAHHAHAHA I have a friend who’s from Iowa. Lots of soybeans too right? XD

Haha I love it!! Tarsam and I are both from Washington…some friendly competition!

I applied tooo!! I have my interview in one hour and I am freaking out. Does anyone have any idea bout what kind of questions they ask( I am in the CO chapter )

How was it actually? what kind of questions did they ask??