Figuring Out Colleges (3.6 UW, 1510 SAT)

I think most students are getting into their first choice majors. A Redditor posted that a lot of the pre-majors for some depts are being offered spots en masse even before applying. I think they may end up going back to guaranteed if a certain gpa is met and an application for those below.

Change to OSU Engineering:

Starting Autumn 2023

In order to implement a transparent and equitable admission process and recognizing the challenges in meeting the demand and space availability in popular majors, effective Autumn 2023 the college will limit enrollment options for all Columbus and Regional campus students pursuing the following majors:

  • Aerospace Engineering
  • Biomedical Engineering
  • Computer Science and Engineering (ENG) / Computer and Information Science (ASC)
  • Mechanical Engineering

Prospective Ohio State students (freshmen and transfers) interested in one of these majors will need to apply to the major during the undergraduate admissions process.

Current Ohio State students may continue to switch into these pre-major programs through Summer 2023. Starting Autumn 2023, students will no longer be permitted to switch into these pre-major programs. Alternatively, students will be offered the opportunity to switch into pre-major or major programs that have capacity.

Engineering Advising – 9 Oct 20

Change or Declare Your Engineering Pre-Major

The college is implementing an admit to major process that will utilize one a

So engineering disciplines available to transfer into are: Agricultural Engineering (BSFABE), Chemical Engineering (BSChE, Civil Engineering (BSCE), Computer Engineering (BSECE), Electrical Engineering (BSECE), Environmental Engineering (BSEnvE), Food, Biological, and Ecological Engineering (BSFABE), Industrial and Systems Engineering (BSIE), Materials Science and Engineering (BSMSE), Welding Engineering (BSWE) and Engineering Physics.

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The OP posted the above. It sounded to me like the family could pay for any OOS college. So…I don’t see why “inexpensive” is being suggested when the OP says this isn’t necessary.

That being said…

@p-brane what is the dollar amount your parents can and will spend annually for you to attend college. That will help folks here with suggestions for you.

Yes I noted in another message I confused threads with someone that had a $35k budget.

I would also suggest you look at Union College in NY. Nationally ranked liberal arts college with strong engineering program, including computer engineering.

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Which one? (There is not much “rural” in the DC area :smiley:)

The list sort of looks like you’re throwing darts at a road atlas. The out of state schools are going to be triple the cost of in-state and they won’t give financial aid. Financial aid for private schools are a mixed bag of worms. Even if you manage to get in, there’s a low possibility that any of these schools will be affordable.

Whenever I hear “T20” or “T30,” I always laugh a little. Rankings are the single most useless criteria for selecting a college. It’s really just a subjective list of pet schools rearranged a little every year.

Best to keep the search centered on affordability. There’s no rational reason to pay triple the cost for a bachelors degree you can get for a fraction of the cost at home. College is a place to gain marketable job skills, so your job prospects will depend far more on your major than the college you go to. If it’s marketable, the school doesn’t matter…you have a job. If it’s not marketable, the school doesn’t matter…you DON’T have a job.

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One thing every Virginia student should remember is that almost all of the in-state schools have an agreement with the Virginia Community College system with a guaranteed acceptance agreement.

This means the OP could do two years at NVCC, the largest community college in the country with some really great classes, and then get guaranteed admission to UVA or VT CS/CE programs (assuming they maintain their GPA at NVCC).

You get a degree from one of the top colleges in the country for a total in state price less than $80K over 4 years.

There are trade-offs, downsides and potential pitfalls with this choice, of course. But I’ve now talked to a few students who have done it, and they are very happy with their choice.


I lived in Minnesota for 15 years before coming to DC.

Anyways I want to thank you guys for helping me out with my college list. I will be submitting my applications tonight. It was a lot of work, but I’m applying to 9 EA schools and am excited to see the results! Will let you all know how it goes.


Congratulations on developing your list and submitting all of your applications with days to spare! Which schools have you decided to apply to?


I just got my first offer from Penn State for computer science!!

Any thoughts on the program? I really just applied because my parents told me to, but it seems to be ranked quite highly in computer science (although, of course, rank doesn’t mean everything). What are some reasons why it is?


Penn State is an AWESOME admit. What’s your state again? Known for their very strong alumni and on campus creamery…the line was so long, we never got our ice cream.

The campus is gorgeous, football is big if you love that, and it’s a fine school for CS. If you believe niche, it’s #50 of 877. I know they have a good cyber security program.

It’s one of the top flagships in America…not a lot of merit OOS - so hopefully you can afford it.

It’s very large - so make sure you visit - but I’d say that’s an AWESOME admit. Everyone knows Penn State!!!

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Edited - I meant what’s your state - i.e. is in it state or affordable?


I am from Virginia, so it’ll be out of state. As of now, it is affordable, but hopefully financial aid and merit scholarships will reduce it more.

Don’t count on any merit from PS.


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