financial aid unit checks

I am currently enrolled in 8 units for the summer semester, but before July 1st, when I only had 5 units which disqualified me from receiving financial aid because I needed to be enrolled in at least half time (6 units). But now that I’m enrolled in over half time I was wondering when will financial aid do another unit check for students that enrolled in late start classes?
I was told by the school’s financial aid office that they have no idea when financial aid checks are done, I was hoping someone with a better understanding of the financial aid system could help me out. Thank you.

What financial aid do you think you qualify for (federal or institutional)? What is your FAFSA EFC? Does your school consider summer term 2019 to be part of the 2018-2019 academic year or the 2019-2020 academic year?

Sounds like you are asking for FA to be provided based on your increase in hours. You need to contact the FA office and make sure they know you are now above 6 hours and ask if your aid can be restored.

Yes, aid can increase in the summer when credits are added, as long as they are added in the drop/add period (they won’t count for financial aid purposes if added after the end of drop/add, even if your professor allowed you to be added). But if your summer courses are in modules, those credits can kick you up to the point where you may get increased Pell … or if you have remaining loan eligibility for the year, you could get a loan. However, you would need to request the summer loan, most likely.

The person you spoke with in the financial aid office needs an attitude adjustment, if you were really given that answer. Yikes! Not cool.

We cannot answer this question - only your school’s financial aid office can answer it. Please contact them again, and my guess is you’ll get a better answer.