Find out Whether the Colleges That Wait-Listed You Will Ever Give You A Decision

You’ve been wait-listed at your goal college, and May 1 is quickly approaching. The Dean reveals when the schools might tell you if you’re off the waitlist:

To provide real-life context for this article, three years ago my daughter was waitlisted at three well-known LACs. She emailed LOCIs to LACs #2 and #3. LAC #1 called both her and us to offer her a place around May 3rd, along with a merit award. LAC #2 emailed first, then called to offer her a spot around July 2nd, which she accepted. She attends that school. LAC #3 sent a letter around July 2nd to state they would not take students from the waitlist.

I don’t think it’s common for students to get off waitlists, much less two of them. My daughter assumed none would happen and, until LAC #2 called, she just carried on with her plans to attend the college she deposited at. That meant a wasted Thanksgiving plane ticket. The vast majority of the time, students should proceed as though they won’t get off a waitlist.

My daughter was deferred and then waitlisted at her private #1 LAC. She crossed it off the list because she would need substantial aid in order to attend . She never sent her midterm grades or followed up at all. She committed to a SUNY that made the best financial sense and was a good fit . May 2nd she got email with acceptance and financial package . She told them that she really could not accept for any more than the SuNy would be. They matched it. They also reduced the deposit. We are still very confused . Her guidance counselor said it never happens . We are hoping it is not a mistake or a dream!

Just got removed from the waitlist at University of Chicago. Oh well.