First Generation Question

Ok, this is a long shot… But would colleges consider a kid at all to be first generation when one parent did not graduate from college but the other parent did? Thx!

Not usually.

I’ll go a step further and say no.

But the takeaway should really be: it is what it is. The application does not say “Check here if you are first gen.” You list the parents education and colleges will process the info as they see fit.

I figured but always wondered this, thanks! Good point @skieurope. Thx!

To add, I worked for many years for a federal support program, one of whose eligibility requirements was being first gen college. And that was based on neither parent having a four year degree.

And some scholarships may have their own different definition as well, but the OP’s question related to admissions.

I also work for a federal support program, and the question is broader. Did either of the people who raised you graduate from a four year college? Step-parents, grandparents, etc. Doesn’t matter, the benefit comes from being raised in a household where someone knew the ins and outs of the system.

And for those interested, if your parent got a degree outside the US, that doesn’t count as being first generation.