For the parents of the old "Best and worst PASSHE school?" thread.

Wanted to resurrect this thread with any updates. We are considering Millersville for our rising senior and it seems like either love or hate, with no in-between. Any recent experiences?

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How will the “realignement” impact Bloomsburg?
How is the Millersville Honors College?

Have you visited yet? I liked it. My student didn’t. She was accepted to the honors college and received enough money that it was a very reasonable choice too. Dorms were a cut above.

@Sapphire_G we did visit. The campus is beautiful. My daughter loved the dorms, of course, and the programs, etc. Her concern was that is was in the middle of nowhere, like not even a CVS nearby.

There is a local pharmacy in Millersville (Wiley’s) less than a mile from campus. The closest CVS is 2.8 miles away; not really within walking distance but not that far by car; may be bikeable from campus. I wouldn’t consider Millersville in the middle of nowhere, with downtown Lancaster city ~ 4 miles away.