French door refrigerators - recommendations

We recently replaced our second Samsung lemon. Google it, there are tons of people for whom they stop working. The guys at the local store say Whirlpool or KitchenAid. I wanted KA, but all the stuff is either “stopped” or might be available and I needed it “now” when mine broke. The WP is perfectly fine. My local appliance repair guy said that buying a $3-4k one get more bells and whistles, but not better quality to last a long time.


Yes, I need to add that KitchenAid seems to be way behind backlogged. So it’s a gamble if you want one right now

All appliances seem to be backlogged. I have been waiting for a Miele dishwasher since June. Took me five months to get a Miele induction stove.

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I’ve been waiting for my Bosch dishwasher since March.

I have a family member who has also been waiting since March for appliances. They told her they should arrive in November.

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I like my GE Monogram French door fridge, tho I recently had to replace the rubber edges.

Last fall I was waiting for my DW, and the orders kept being delayed. They sold me the Miele display. I like the one hour wash.

Well…we will likely be waiting a year for a new fridge……because we want a white one…and every manufacturer has those on “pause” right now. We just don’t want stainless or black. So…we will just order, and hope our lemon doesn’t die in the meantime.

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I never thought buying a refrigerator could be so depressing.

Thanks for the reality check!

Had no problem getting our new fridge. Weird that some people are having to wait so long. It wasn’t in stock at our local store, but my husband ordered online from Lowe’s and they sent it from a nearby town. We’re in NC. It’s an LG and nothing super high end. Maybe the fancier appliances are taking longer? I want a new dishwasher now.

I tend to put more faith in Consumer Reports than the many web reviews. That may not be wise, but I feel they have a much longer history as a consumer advocate, whereas you often have no clue who is posting other online reviews or for what reasons.

Talk to an appliance repair company in your area. They’ll typically be very helpful regarding which models they see most often.

We researched Refigerator replacements last year “just in case”, because ours was starting to make new noises, and determined to not purchase the new popular black stainless. Most of the big box store models had scratches that showed it was a coating only, and the silver stainless was visible under the coating.

Definitely agree older models are made much better than newer models. If ours dies (It’s a 21 yr. old Jenn.Air ) before they fix the huge back-order, we’ll probably buy one temporarily for the garage. It’s only steps away from the kitchen. There are so many dimensional restrictions in our current kitchen location, that it will probably be impossible to find one “off the shelf” that works.

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The counter depth french door refrigerator accommodates the somewhat narrow walkway in my kitchen and it’s easier to access to contents with both doors open. I like the wide drawers too.

But they don’t make appliances like they used to. The last french door was LG, with an indoor ice maker that went kaput after a few years, lasted 12 years. It looked perfectly fine but not worthwhile repairing, if even possible. The new one is a 2 yo 22 cubic Kitchen Aid with NO ice maker. Knock on wood.

The appliance delivery man said those $500 cheap refrigerators with freezer on top that people buy for rentals last forever. I call it the Alex Honnold model. If you watched Free Solo you would know what I mean.

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I’ve learned that the more whistles and bells, the more problems. The appliance man who came to fix my fancy Dacor oven, $500 to replace the mother board, $200 for the hinges, told us to keep our basic 21 yo Kenmore washer/dryer set as long as we can, scrounge parts if we must. That’s all the repair people have in their homes.

I was waiting for my old Kitchen Aid side by side to die in our last house but it was still going strong after 12 years.

I really loved our Electrolux fridge. Unfortunately I can’t tell how long they last or how often they break. We only had it for about 2 years before selling our house. I loved the design of side by side where left side is all freezer and right is the fridge. Freezer is so accessible and so many shelves!:slight_smile: In our current house we have jenair french door with bottom freezer which I hate. I can never find anything in that freezer… like bottomless trunk, impossible to keep organized…waiting for it to break to replace with something prettier:) It’s almost 15yo, freezes food by the back wall and as mentioned above seals are broken on doors as well…

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I have LG French door linear compressor fridge. It’s now about 7 years old. Have never had any problems with. It’s very quiet and convenient to use. I like it a lot.

The LG replaced a GE Profile side by side–which was nothing but one issue after another. The defrost cycle would randomly turn on, heat up the inside of the fridge and freezer sections, defrost everything and not turn off. I had the master circuit board replaced twice and it still didn’t work right. And I’m not even going to talk about the ice maker—which was another feature that had multiple problems. I will never ever buy another GE refrigerator!

We had our first Sub Zero refrigerator for 25 years! Then the ice maker started having problems and leaked water onto the floor. But we replaced it with another Sub Zero. Yes, they are very expensive, but 25 years of constant use is pretty darn good.


I have a four year old counter depth Jenn-air French door refrigerator with the water dispenser inside the refrigerator. We like it and have no issues with it. We remodeled and got the stovetop, oven/microwave, dishwasher and refrigerator all from Jenn-Air. Maybe we got a free dishwasher by buying them together. My husband loves to go to the market every day so we don’t need a huge refrigerator so counter depth works fine. We had a problem with the French door of our previous refrigerator (maybe it was a Kenmore?) and the sales person who sold us the Jenn-Air said that problem has been resolved. I am not sure how true that is.

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White is very hard to get. Not that many made…and right now none of the manufacturers are making white at all in French door or side by side (plus I need counter depth).

You know…some of us just don’t want stainless or black!


Our repairmen say same. (Admittedly their business is doing repairs, but perhaps they don’t make any more money on the pricier repairs of newer models).

Our 30 year old washer/dryer moved with us from NY. Over the years, each has been repaired a few times… I think $150 or less each time. I like the idea of keeping them running, not adding them to the landfill. If we had bought replacements along the way, methinks they’d have died by now.

I thought the Café series (which is the high-end GE brand, which is now made by Haier) has white French door models. At least they were available on the website.