French door refrigerators - recommendations

I didn’t want stainless and was insistent on white…until the store cancelled my order after 4 months and couldn’t even begin to guess when it would be available since KA stopped production. I was nervous about our old one and they had one stainless steel one of the same model left at the distribution center. I felt like I was playing a real life game of chicken!

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15 of Home Depot’s 144 French Door refrigerators are white, all GE or Samsung. So that might be a place to start, at least looking at model numbers and availability.

Counter depth is not a big deal to me… been here for 28 years and had to look to be sure ours is not. One thing that helps is that it is in the corner, and the left side aligns perfectly with doorway to dining room. The other thing is the front and side of the fridge are plastered with photos and other things … not a great look (unless you are sentimental like me), but it distracts from all else :wink:

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Whirlpool Gold side by side is 19 years old. Only problem has been the ice maker/water dispenser: major leak into basement. Repair guy couldn’t find the source so we just turned off the water line. Have to use trays to make ice, but we don’t care. Biggest plus of leak: H had to get rid of many boxes of old magazines that got soaked. So sad, too bad, not really.

Negative: hard to put large pizza boxes in the freezer, but we have an upright freezer for them and our half cow we buy annually.

A bottom freezer involves a lot of bending and that’s hard on my back. We really like the side by side.


This has to be a no-brainer for the single best line on CC today! :grin:


@Noisymom This one looks like ours.

I have 2 drawers on the bottom, which helps to see what is in the freezer.

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Thanks! Now I’m also dreaming of new fridge:)

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It ain’t a dream…it’s a nightmare! Massive fridge shortages are making it so.

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It isn’t going to be a good time to buy almost anything in the next few months…


We ordered this one in February as part of our kitchen reno, and finally received it at the end of July. So far, so good - we love it. We wanted to get this model without the ice/water in the door, and were told that it didn’t exist - but, we actually find that we appreciate having it. I’m finding that the hardest thing for me to get used to is the bottom freezer - we’ve never had one!

Opinions on Sub-zero friend door fridge? Our 20 YO built on KA seems to be dying.
We can get this model within the next couple of weeks.

Go for it. We inherited a Subzero with this house… I love this brand. I might be jinxing it now, but it is 21 years old and is still better than any modern mid-priced fridge. Two compressors mean there is no air exchange between freezer and fridge compartments, and cooling is super even.


Thanks! Just what I was hoping to hear. Of course the price tag does not make me happy. I don’t think there are any “good deals” to be had these days.

I agree. You might be risking not having a fridge for a while if you order one of the models that is backordered. Plus, can’t beat Subzero for a built in. Make sure they will install it. Some fridges are hardwired.

Agree with @BunsenBurner that SubZero is the best, in almost every aspect. It’s costly, however, if you need to replace any part. Mine is 17 years old and never had any problem (it works as well as when it was new), but one of my friends had to replace a compressor (in an older model) and it was costly.

If you can repair it, please do it! We went fridge shopping this weekend, and it was shockingly depressing as to how many are out of stock. I asked the salesperson why, and he said there is a huge problem with supply chain transportation, from shipping companies to trucking companies.

Appliances made overseas are having a difficult time make entry into the US, and even for appliances made in the US, foreign-made parts are having difficulty coming here.

I was able to get a Cafe online over the weekend with an estimated delivery date in a couple of weeks, but have been told don’t be surprised if it’s late by a week. For stuff like Bosch, they are estimating November and perhaps more realistically 2022!

If you can repair the fridge, I would definitely do so in hindsight. A Sub-Zero is a superb product, and will likely last for many more years. There are several parts companies online to source necessary parts, and usually tons of material/videos online to show you how to repair if you want to do it yourself. And, of course, your trusted appliance repair company is there too.

Subzero are made in the US although some parts likely come from overseas. I would totally repair a SZ fridge. Not sure if I would splurge $500 or more on repairing a dying KA.

A few weeks ago, I would have agreed. But, at least from what I saw this weekend, the shortages are massive. The only “reputed” brands that seem readily available are LG (which we considered) and Samsung (which has horrific ratings in Consumer Reports).

We have a home warranty which greatly caps our total outlay for any covered repair to well under $100, even for parts. It generally works fine, but is a bit slow. However, the repair company sent by the home warranty company this time was awful, and we got fed up with waiting. The home warranty company “cashed out” the repair and parts and gave us the money for both.

The poster says her local store has one of the SZ ready for delivery. Hence the “go for it” from me. :slight_smile:

Regarding home warranty companies, they are quite useless and “buy outs” are not that unheard of… there is usually a cap on the $$ amounts, like $2k.