FSU Class of 2027 Official Thread

I believe Honors decisions will come in February, with regular decisions.

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they are out…

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Good luck to all of the students hoping for FSU!


Florida in-state early action result:


SAT 710V 570M

4 APs

4.0W 3.8UW

Lots of volunteering and club leadership

Also applied to honors college


2 AP
Marine Bio spike
200+ hours service

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Deferred 4.0 UW gpa with honors, AP. OOS rigorous high school. Applied for summer due to 1220 SAT score.

I thought today was only in state notification?


Deferred pending results of interview for CMPA
Applied Summer
4.2 W
1270 SAT
6 AP, 4 DE

I am amazed and perplexed by the stats of students applying EA that are being deferred. FSU must have a strategy, but I have no idea what it could be. The only thing I can think of is the number of applicants was overwhelming and they want to make sure there is space for high stats RD applications.


Accepted EA: Fall
4.0 UW 4.6 W
35 ACT
12 APs
Editor of yearbook and on staff for 5 years
Lots on extra/ volunteering/
President of Honor societies
Founder of Medical Club
Interned at Mote Lab
Interned for a Skin Cancer Dr
Cancer Research 7-12 grade

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Accepted EA: Fall
Political Science
4.3 Core GPA 3.87 UW
28 ACT
8 APs
Lots of extracurriculars

It is, maybe wrong thread!

Does anyone know criteria for applying to honors medical scholar program? Is it part of the same honors application or a separate application?

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Separate, It should be on the application after you apply for the honors program

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Accepted EA
GPA 3.9UW 4.5W
SAT 1480
AP - 9 all 4s and 5s
Varsity Captain Tennis
NHS President
Created websites for charitable organizations
Founded mental health club
Summer college at Ivy

How did it go for others ?

Accepted EA - Fall
Physics & Astrophysics
GPA - 4.0UW, 5.2W (school is weird about weighted GPA)
Class rank - 2/~300
ACT - 34 superscore
11 AICE, 1 AP, 4 Dual Enrollment
Applied for honors college

HOSA Co-president
-1st place in medical math regionals 2 years in a row
~200 church volunteer hours (not even religious lol)
Member of varsity trivia team
National Merit Semifinalist
Write an amateur film blog
Member of math club for 1 year (dissolved)
Member of STEM@Work for 1 year (dissolved; would visit local STEM businesses)

Very likely going to FSU! Good luck to the regular decision folks, Class of 2028, and GO NOLES!!!

If accepted for Summer start does anyone have the dates?

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wrong thread

I believe I read June 17th

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I have boy/girl twins who were both accepted into the Summer 2023 term! Looking forward to a busy June.

Both are active in clubs, volunteer & overall well rounded.
4.0 weighted both
Boy twin - SAT 1375 ACT 30
Girl twin - SAT 1275 ACT 27

Good luck to everyone!

thank you!

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