Fully vaccinated - How or Will Your COVID Routine Change?

Here is the thing that I have based many of my decisions on, is prevalence of disease in my community. Back in Jan/Feb I double masked everywhere and I was so more careful.

Yesterday in all of GA (knowing that this was a holiday weekend), about 300 total cases were reported. In my town and the towns around me, for the the last two weeks , with population of over 100K there has been very little cases. This tells me that the odds , being vaccinated, that I will even be exposed is very small. Isnt this what we wanted. Very low transmission rates in the community? If this starts to go back up, then my actions will follow. For now . Iife back to normal
Recent 14-day reporting period1
Preceding 14-day reporting period
% Change from preceding 14 days (%)2
Incidence Rate3
Alpharetta 18 56 ↓ 67.9% 27.8
↓ 44.2%
65.7 Chattahoochee Hills 0 0 - 0.0
College Park
↓ 41.2%
72.1 East Point 43 75 ↓ 42.7% 122.9
↑ 6.3%
115.6 Hapeville <10 <10 - 121.6
Johns Creek
↓ 45.5%
21.5 Milton 11 27 ↓ 59.3% 28.8
Mountain Park

0.0 Palmetto <10 <10 - 114.4
↓ 45.6%
45.6 Sandy Springs 31 95 ↓ 67.4% 29.4
South Fulton
↓ 49.1%
114.6 Union City 41 42 ↓ 2.4% 195.6

1New cases: Cases diagnosed in most recent 14 days (based on reported dates of positive sample collection). To allow for lag in reporting results of new diagnoses from samples collected in the most recent week, data used for incident diagnoses analyses were moved back by one week. 2% change: These reflect the percentage increase or decrease in new diagnoses between the 14 days preceding the most recent 7 days and the 14 days preceding that. 3(Incidence) Rate: Rate of new diagnoses in the last 14 day period preceding the immediate past week.**Data cleaning (either during case interviews or address geo-coding) may lead to reassignment of few cases from one territory to another based on their corrected addresses. These may appear as “decreases” when compared to the previous counts. These do not reflect errors in the data collection or analysis process but only reflect the minor day-to-day fluctuations in case counts that arise in an evolving public health database like COVID’s. Note: All data reported are preliminary and subject to change.

My H and I went to visit out of town family recently and stayed at a very nice resort. The area we live in has always been extremely mask compliant and high demand for vaccine. The place we visited a mixed bag. So, masks not required at the resort although out of habit H and I wore them when inside ( both fully vaxed). Well, one day we walked from the pool to a side door where some elevators were located and got on without wearing our masks- just wasn’t thinking and a mom and her maybe 5 year old son jumped on after us- also NOT wearning masks. The son says, “they’re not wearing masks” - my husband said- we’re vaccinated and the mom replied very snarky — “well, my son is not”…ok, you jumped on after us ( sign in elevator said limit was 2 people or 1 family…and you’re NOT masked either! My H is such a nice guy- after we got off he said WTH? My thought: either you and your child mask up and don’t jump on an occupied elevator or better yet, don’t go to a resort.


Huh, where I live, the mask mandate has been lifted for vaccinated people, so in your situation, at least where I live, the boy is the one who needed to be masked! Ridiculous the mother would even say that to you!


Third panel for sure.


I can not say how much we enjoyed getting together with our friends on Monday. It was wonderful to be back together in person after 15 months of zoom happy hours.

Then yesterday, I had lunch with my good friend after not being able to for 15 months! She and I live several miles apart but for years we have had a monthly lunch date.



I flew to see S’s family (including to meet 7 month old GD) last week. I felt reasonably safe between airport mask mandate (observed by most people; all violators I saw were of same gender with one exception) and mostly due to being fully vaccinated. Not much social distancing going on at airport and none on plane. I would not have been comfortable with the risk prior to achieving fully vaccinated status, so am continuing my gratitude for vaccine developers, distributors, etc. S & his family are continuing to wear masks inside grocery, etc. and I did as well because they have 2 unvaccinated children, but we all agreed risk to girls was low. We ate outside when we ate out and all serving staff remained masked in West Palm Beach. I don’t know how much longer that will last there, but I think it goes away in a little over a week in my home state.
Time to restock the groceries now that I’m home and Kroger had removed their mask mandate signs when I went in this morning. About half of staff and customers, including me, remained masked and I know many were probably vaccinated besides me. I’m almost ready to let my mask go, but heard on NPR while driving to grocery that infection rates in my state (which has a terrible vaccination rate) were moving up, so it was no big deal to continue with mask as it couldn’t hurt and might help keep me from spreading any travel germs.
I’m not going to get rid of any of my masks as I envision some need for them when cold and flu season comes around this fall. My stylist was not vaccinated the last time we discussed it because her wack-a-doodle stepfather had been reading up on vaccine and it can be dangerous in his opinion and she thinks because he is a chiropractor that he is a well educated fellow. Friends who know of him say he is a complete quack and he spent time in prison a few years ago for refusing to pay taxes. Anyway, I will probably use my mask for haircuts in the future as my stylist doesn’t think she can afford to cancel her clients when she is sick as she loses money (this has been an issue with me for several years when I show up and she announces she is sick. I think I have been exposed to her germs a few times).
I think I may go back to live church in the next few weeks. Although they are mask optional as of last weekend, they are still practicing some pretty good social distancing for now. Baby steps…

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Had my hair cut yesterday and masks, temps, and hand washing are still required by the state cosmetology board. Most everywhere else masks are not required (health care facilities, schools, and a few others still require).

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I’m so used to wearing masks, I just put them on out of habit. A lot of places still require them, but not all. I haven’t received any push back from anyone while wearing one.

It’s no imposition whatsoever to be asked to wear one; I hardly even notice the difference anymore.


We traveled down to VA today and stopped in MD at a gas/mini mart to use the bathroom and buy snacks. We were unmasked because that’s the norm for those places where we live in PA now and where we were in NY. Actually, in our area of PA only about 50% of customers in one we watched regularly wore masks even when they were required. It’s not that everyone is vaccinated either. Our county currently has around a 33% vaccination rate.

But in MD (off 301), everyone else was masked today during our stop - everyone except us! When we got back to the car we checked google, and no, it isn’t required in MD anymore and none of us saw a sign of any sort on the door.

It’s amazing how places differ. We’d have had no problem fetching our masks if we had realized that was still the norm.

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Mask use definitely varies by location in Maryland. Even within neighboring towns or perhaps even different businesses in the same town based perhaps on customer base. I’d assume you were in either Prince George’s or Charles county while travelling and stopping along route 301. I’d say local leanings played a big role in mask adherence here even though Maryland’s governor has dropped the state mandate for all citizens vaxxed or not except for certain situations such as in medical environments, k-12 schools, etc.

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My part of MD is still wearing masks even though the requirement has been lifted.

Am waiting to see if my oncologist can give me my vaccine efficacy numbers for the trial I’m in before the study is completed. Would be nice to know if the vaccine worked.

We had dinner on our neighbors’ patio last weekend. First time socializing! I’m still not grocery shopping, but have gone to Lowe’s (garden center and I can get in and out quickly) and the local quilt shop, which has been extremely fastidious during all of this.

The numbers here are low enough and the # of vaccinated high enough that I am a bit more comfortable venturing out – but I am still wearing a mask. No indoor restaurants, though.

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We had a wonderful dinner with neighbors on patio of restaurant—4-6:30. We had the place to ourselves. Great company, excellent food, lots of fun. It felt safe and like the new old times.

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Another sign of things returning to normal. My daughter’s book group will be meeting in person next week for the first time in over a year.


My bookclub has been meeting in person except for a few months, either indoors or outdoors at peoples homes… This is the reason I have not gone since Feb 2020. The ones that have been meeting are mostly nurses and teachers. They Zoomed for a couple of months. I just am not getting this. I may have to wait out a year before going again. My county is way below the vaccination rate and way up on the covid infections now.

Our niece surprised everyone a year or so ago by deciding to enlist in the Israel Army before going to college. This was her first time back in the US. Her mother invited a few people over for a dinner and a slide show from our niece about her first year. I asked if it was going to be indoors as their outdoor space is very small. She said indoors. I asked what the etiquette was with respect to masks. She said no masks but then said one couple wasn’t vaccinated. She said she would ask them to wear masks. Neither of them came to the dinner but one came to the slide show wearing a mask. And for the slide show everyone was crammed into one room. We put on masks, but felt really awkward. We would both rather not be so close to folks, even vaccinated folks, but wanted to celebrate our niece. These are going to be difficult times to navigate.


Wouldn’t it be, among people you know:

Person 1 Person 2 Risk level
Vaccinated Vaccinated Very low
Vaccinated Not vaccinated* Low
Not vaccinated* Not vaccinated* Could be high, depending on the prevalence of virus in the area (but could be low if the area has low virus levels due to herd immunity)

*For those who are immunocompromised, it would be a good idea to get tested for immune response after vaccination to determine whether vaccination produced the desired immune response.

While a crowded indoor space is not ideal, the risk is mostly borne by those who are not vaccinated who may pass the virus to each other, since the vaccinated people are much less likely to get sick (and even more unlikely to get severely sick), and less likely to be vectors or carriers.

So, being vaccinated, I am not really worried for myself about gatherings among vaccinated people, or even if a few unvaccinated people are present (who are mostly a risk to each other rather than the vaccinated people). Some of my elderly relatives who were obviously virus-paranoid before vaccination now regularly see their elderly friends since they have all been vaccinated.

However, in public spaces around people who do not know me, I still maintain social distance outdoors and wear mask indoors (appears to be still required, and everyone still does for now, except for indoor dining in restaurants), since there are still some people who may be “still in the process” after getting started only when there was easy availability of vaccines. But that six week window is almost up for adults. Somewhat soon, it can probably be assumed that most unvaccinated adults in public are voluntary refusers or delayers, so it is less reasonable for them to expect everyone to continue “COVID manners” around them. However, it would still be more polite to maintain distance when approaching an unknown child who cannot yet be vaccinated.

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Completely realize everyone will have their own time table. What drives me crazy is the ridiculous mandated requirements. Spoke with brother last night. Just got back from his first business trip since covid (ironically genome / health care/ pharma based- actually helped track the vaccine process). Meeting in San Diego. Group of about 20. All but one were completely vaccinated. The one couldn’t be for health reasons. In corp meeting, because of one, all 20 had to wear masks - rule in CA states if a non vaccinated person in the workplace is present, everyone has to wear a mask. Ridiculous. I can see the one wearing a mask. The other 19 are not putting the one at risk as they don’t have and very very very very very likely can’t pass any meaningful level of covid. Stupid rule! Not following science in any manner! Wasn’t that the claim? Let’s follow science. Well, let’s follow science then!

To make it even more ridiculous - of course later that evening all 20 go to a restaurant without masks, including the non vaccinated one. In door, restaurant full of unmasked people. He/she was comfortable with that risk - which I agree is their decision. Just need to get rid of these stupid, arbitrary rules.

So many places can have packed baseball, hockey stadiums but limit elevators to four passengers. Again stupid. If vaccinated, you are not at risk or present risk to anyone for serious disease. If you are not, yo must consider your own risk and make a decision. Some will never be comfortable again. Sad but that’s their right. They don’t have a right to impose ridiculous behavior requirements on me or anyone else.


Cal/OSHA is utterly useless. To quote from an employment law firm: “Cal/OSHA continued its burlesque impersonation of a 6-year-old child at an ice cream shop this past week… Vanilla. Chocolate. Yes, Chocolate…. Well…. actually Vanilla. Definitely, Vanilla.”

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Keeps employment lawyers… employed! :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

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It’s like CA is saying, we don’t want to make anyone feel different so if one wears a mask, all wear a mask. What a load of…

Think about it this way. If I had a kid with a serious peanut allergy, I wouldn’t transfer his safety to the whole school or every setting I let engage I/he would be responsible for his safety. No other student should have to refrain from eating their PBJ at lunch. It would be up to my kid to not sit anywhere near them or maybe be home schooled if I felt that was a risk too high to take. I wouldn’t create an issue for the non peanut allergy kids / families.

When everyone who wants to be vaccinated has that opportunity (we’re getting pretty close), then the non vaccinated crowd can worry about themselves and take whatever risk they like. The numbers of new cases and WAY MORE IMPORTANT, hospitalizations (really the number that matters) will not be a burden to the health care system. Wasn’t that the reason why covid was a huge problem, stressing the hospitals to provide both covid and non-covid care. Without that being an issue, it becomes a “so what” situation.

With the primary age group of non vaccinated people dropping, we’ll see less and less of serious cases because that’s what happens. We may see an uptick in total cases with reopening, but severity of cases will be low as the more vulnerable will be vaccinated at a pretty high rate. Already seeing lots of places with adult (16+) vax rates north of 60%. I’ve seen some spots with vax rates of 66% for everyone 12+ (at least one shot). Pretty Pretty Good!