Georgetown Class of 2027 Official Thread

Would internationals even receive the text?

Ours moved to Decided on 3/14, but no text.

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Slate is still at “In Progress” and even clicking on it shows “In Progress.”

Seems like Slate and my GT app didn’t link or something funky is going on

I think there is no way that Georgetown would send a text like that by mistake. I’m really doubtful that it means much sorry to say.

Also there are still a few weeks left before decisions are announced so I would imagine that they are in final committees for the next week and sorting out FA.

Good luck to everyone. Hoya Saxa!



My daughter didn’t get the text about the fire the other day. Her Slate app still shows up in the “Completed” column, but when you click on it, it is bubbled out to “Decided”. I’m guessing that is what everyone who thinks they are denied is seeing.

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mine still shows In-Progress. Others’ shows decided. I don’t think it means anything.

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My slate also shows “In Progress.” Maybe it’s just because the progress hasn’t been uploaded yet


Totally agree. I don’t think any of this is indicative of a positive or rejection or WL decision.

Thank goodness April 1st is around the corner.

My daughter got burned on the Florida early welcome email, received it but didn’t get in. I am not even going to ask her about the text.

Does anyone know when decisions released for Georgetown?

Last year, Georgetown released on the last Tuesday of the month. So, maybe it would be about a week from Tuesday? Just a thought.


Did anyone else get the HOYAlert text from the automatic georgetown system?

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what does the text say?

Yes - DC is an applicant in RD. Is this a sign of acceptance?

it said
HOYAlert: This is a test of the University’s emergency alerting system; please see your email for further details. Reply “STOP” to opt-out of SMS/Text alerts.

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Yes - also RD applicant. Text from same number as the alert system from another college to which she already received acceptance.

EA students - do you know which days in April the accepted student days will be ?

Yikes… I did not receive that text message. I had high hopes for Georgetown too :sob:


What school did your kid apply to? I applied to Mcdonough.