GeorgiaTech Class of 2026 Waitlist

Mit never accepts off the waitlist,
and I don’t really think CMU will have much effect on Tech’s waitlist

CMU is a direct competitor to Ga Tech. There is a lot of cross over between the schools for CS. I couldn’t find this report for last year, but if you scrolled down to the peer institution section you will see Carnegie Mellon is one of the most popular schools to which Georgia Tech students are admitted (and choose GT)

Last year they released on Thursday, allowing students to decide by Monday and have the weekend to decide. We will see if that holds true this year.


That’s good to know. Thanks @VirginiaBelle. Keeping fingers crossed :crossed_fingers:

I don’t know… every year they used to say something about the waitlist. This year seems very quiet, and i think the reason is that they overenrolled

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But in the same time
When i look through the cds
They always accept more than their class goal through waitlist

And if they were really filled they would just tweet about it and they didn’t.


My son received an email from GT today asking if he would like to defer his enrollment to the spring, summer, or fall semester of 2023 (thanks but no thanks! :laughing:). They also mentioned “Limited spots remain in the First-Year Semester Abroad Program”.
Seems like they are indeed overenrolled but waitlist movement will still happen from the group who are willing to do the first semester abroad.

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Omg looks like the over enrollment is really bad, but why don’t they just tell us? Weird…

They may still be waiting for more changes as other colleges dip into their waitlists? This might affect the number of committed students and they may be hoping some students choose the defer enrollment path so that they can still use the waitlist?

This is your admitted son? Or on the waitlist? If admitted - wow. As someone who has a junior in high school who will be applying I think they need to take fall 2023 off the table ;). Certainly don’t need part of the class filled before we get started after the past 2 years of crazy admissions :flushed:

My son is an admitted student for Fall’22. If “summer melt” doesn’t decrease enrollment, Class of 2023 kids might be affected. Hope it isn’t so, for the sake of your son and all the ‘23 kids!:four_leaf_clover:

I think it will certainly be affected either way in fewer offers since they misjudged yield. I don’t know whether over enrollment this year will affect next year‘s class numbers (in other words I doubt they will reduce entering class size to compensate but maybe not expand it like they did this year), unless they start pushing people to fall. Biggest limitation would be dorm rooms, as class situation could be remedied by offering certain entry-level classes optional online (which they may be planning on anyway because of class expansion – this happened last year also I think), and freshmen dorms have been separate from upper class dorms in years past. Thankful this is my last one! I know they don’t pick dorms until July so hopefully there is enough melt that entering freshman get a dorm room🤞- although housing is guaranteed for first years so I am sure they will make it work somehow.

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I would suppose very few students admitted to Fall ‘22 would choose to defer. GT must know this, so I’m really surprised to see them offer this option to admitted students. Sounds a bit desperate tbh.


Can’t blame them for asking, if it helps resources from being stressed. The events of the past few years have brought havoc upon students and colleges alike. Students don’t know what their safeties and matches are anymore, and colleges have a harder time calculating yield.


Agree. UGA is apparently offering upperclassmen a significant discount if they move to a less desirable dorm off the main campus - supposedly to make room for freshmen admitted students. UGA also increased their class size, plus they have a new freshman dorm. Sounds like they may be in a similar boat with yield prediction. Thankful I got at least one into college before all of this craziness started!


I was told they haven’t moved to the waitlist yet…

GT admission/Rick Clark said on Twitter they met their class goals and hope to release the waitlist by the end of May. This was said in response to questions asked about the waitlist. There is one person up thread who got off to go to first year semester abroad but agree sounds like they haven’t gone to the waitlist in any meaningful manner.

): ): ): pain