Gettysburg Class of 2025--Regular Release Decision Date: Mar 15

Sure when there is any news I will def keep you updated

Ok. I just want to know when to check for a decision.

Can someone please notify me when they have recieved their admissions decision? I am asking this because I want to know when I should check my admissions decision.

check your portal at 5:00 pm EDT.

Will do so. I am just anxious to find out my admissions decision. Best of luck to you. Also, will I get an email when I can view my admissions decision?

mine was posted - accepted!!

Anyone else get Abraham Lincoln scholarship?? Congrats to all!


Daughter Accepted…no merit in acceptance letter. Should we be looking for any in a separate mailing?

gl everyone!

Intl - waitlisted! (Expected a rejection so pleasantly surprised!

Congrats to everyone who was accepted!

DS21 accepted with Full Ride!!! Great surprise!!


I am an international and got waitlisted!

I was accepted with the Abraham Lincoln Scholarship!


My daughter had a financial aid letter attached to her acceptance.

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Yes, my daughter did. Congratulations!

What’s your application stats?

Intl student

Can you share the stats thanks

I did too! Congrats :smile:

has anyone else gotten a little postcard from their admissions manager? just got one in the mail and it made my day:)

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