Good, affordable Industrial Design schools in the Midwest?

<p>I'll lend it to you for free, there's really not much in it right now, except for random thoughts of waterfalls and fountains.</p>

<p>bet it's as big as Victoria or Niagara. sleep well. wait it's Saturday!! who is gonna sleep in big bad state flagships, eh?</p>

<p>lol you are pretty cool, bears and dogs. in the future if I have any lingering questions about the art industry and stuff, i'll just message you, ok? cool.</p>

<p>no no if you need good advice, send them to drae, she is the mama bear that nurtures young. I am the bad one that give out candies behind her back. wink wink</p>

<p>D wants stand alone art school with science. Right now she's looking at MCAD, KCAI and NHIA.Many have watered down science (human ecology), life/health classes) Right now she's looking at MCAD, KCAI and NHIA. Haven't looked at NHIA liberal arts courses yet, but MCAD has one that discusses taxidermy and is conducted at the natural history/scinece museum in Minn. That was an absolute no-brainer. Couldn't keep her in her seat! Waiting to hear if we can get a college catalog from KCIA. If I could find a LAC with a BFA and very strong science (biology) program, I MIGHT be able to get her to consider it!</p>

<p>B&D: That's known as ying and yang. Important in everyones life to have hugs and candy too.</p>

<p>AxeBack: We're from Florida and D can't wait to go anyplace BUT Florida.</p>

<p>BTW, has anyone that has applied to KCAI by Feb 1 deadline heard anything yet?</p>

<p>oh. I can hug all right, just can't think straight, like, count money/time/value, constructive, you know, step by step thing, to be succeed in life in general. If I could I should be working instead of doing CC pretending that pile of sewing needed to be done by yesterday is not there.
Good luck KCAI, man they sure killing you.</p>

<p>Also killing themselves - makes D look at MCAD closer and closer even with no merid aid. We were actually discussing housing options last night. Can't figure out what's taking them so long - rep said maybe 2 weeks ago now decisions would start. Trying to get course catalog from them to compare liberal arts classes, but no response. MCAD rep much more involved.</p>

<p>but KCAI has those warm homemade chocolate chocolate cookies in the little cafe....
maybe things are bit slow and gooey like cookie dough in land of MO
sorry Kid, hijacked your ID thread. study hard, like you needed anymore of that!</p>

<p>axeB...I have a nephew in Spain who did industrial engineering and found a job working on railroad switches? or some such thing is that then it turned into working on rail cars, all types of aspects, then other features...needed someone who could do design work too and he had a knack and took some graduate classes and the fit was was funny because he had been math genius in HS and full scholarship to Spain and escape hell hole of south american country and put his more design/artistic side on hold. Now, coming to the design side late has made him feel really happy but also very, very lucrative combination. He says having both has made him golden in his field so you may really be onto something...</p>

<p>AXE about the math sequence...don't give up if calc is frustrating now...linear algebra is a wonderful break in the sequence especially if you are taking regression stats now (a bit backward in your sequence) since all the regression stuff becomes so intuitive AFTER linear algebra. If you don't enjoy calculus much, linera algebra is fun, fun fun! My S is suddenly struggling with BC calc because just now hitting all the trig applications which he never liked, and, since I never ever use it I am not much help. It is so bad that had to use the book to help daughter in geometry with some basic trig (opposite over hyp? sin? cosine? ouch!). OK I am just thrilled that we can talk math briefly on on the artsy forum where I don't understand BandDs references to artists or shows (but do look up on the web).</p>

<p>we all need something to show off out of our measly life, hehehe
Ok, listen to fammom about math, drae about ID, I will give you hugs and candies.</p>

<p>I can't talk about math (although I did get an A in Calculus while doing my 2nd bachelor's) or lots of artsy stuff, but if you want to have a science discussion, count me in!</p>

<p>@fammom: yeah even my advisor said to take lin algebra before that stat class but i did it anyway and i'm actually doing okay in i don't mind much. and I'm doing fair in calc III btw, never said I was struggling lol. its just a heavy courseload along with physics (which is also insanely heavily calc-based) and stat so I just haven't been paying much attention to calc lately...
and wow that thing about your nephew makes me feel a lot better. i know the math stuff will be helpful, useful, will help me get a stable career and all...but the design stuff is what i actually like. it will truly be golden if i find a way to link the two like he did, that would literally be my dream job. thanks for the motivation lol, now I got something to keep me going!</p>

<p>Edit: and btw, keep your son motivated to go through with BC calc and get atleast a 4 on the exam. A lot of people regret not having taken the AP calc BC exam because the college equivalent of Calc II is ten times harder than whats on the AP exam (it is the hardest undergrad course at my university here, by popular student opinion; and coming into it as a freshman, i was just blown away...made it through with a low B though).</p>

<p>Stout..It's one of the few state schools accredited by the National Association of Schools of Art and Design. It's also accredited by other prestigious art organizations across the nation</p>

<p>You could get an undergraduate degree in engineering then a masters in Industrial design. I would think that combo would make you have a more solid future. But, I think mechanical engineering and industrial design might go together better to know how the thing you design actually works.</p>