Good used car for recent grad school graduate

I mention those two because they’re cars that I’ve seen at my gym that past 2-3 days. :grimacing:

I’m more of a vintage kinda guy anyway.

I live in Chapel Hill, NC and I love my heated seats and heated steering wheel in the winter. It gets cold here too. It’s not Minnesota cold or anything, but definitely nice to have a the bun warmers.

If you don’t want to spring for new I would check out that Subie in Asheville on Auto Trader. It looks like a good car, but I’m not a big car person. We just went through hunting down a car for our 20 yr old, though.

When I moved into a house about 20 years ago, a group of neighbors were talking and someone asked who people used as a repair tech for their computers. I asked “who needs a repair tech for their computers?” To this day, I have never needed one. Have a desktop that hasn’t been shutoff in probably 5 years. Mutiple laptops among myself and kids. Any vehicle or computer that needs to be fixed on anything approaching a regular basis isn’t for me. And don’t get me wrong. Very happy to have as many people who want to buy both; helps keep the economy moving and provides jobs.

Yahoo article on current used car prices. Nothing earthshattering, just an FYI:

I’ve been reading that kind of stuff too. :frowning: We’re still waiting on the check from GEICO and loan approval from her credit union. Poor kid, this is taking so much longer than she’d hoped.

We’ve had good luck buying certified used cars from our local Honda dealer. We’re not huge car people and would rather spend time and money elsewhere