Guaranteed transfer?

Hi! I am a high school senior applying to ILR. I’ve heard about the guaranteed transfer option offered to those RD applicants who were rejected. What exactly IS this option, and how may I get it? Is it random?

Guaranteed transfer (GT) options are NOT for rejected students. For ILR you have 4 admission decision options: accepted,rejected, spring admission, guaranteed transfer. There is no waitlist for ILR. Basically, what happens is if the admissions committee cannot offer you straight out admission or spring admission but still want you at the school then you get a GT. You would go to another university or community college and complete 1 year before transferring to Cornell and you must complete certain requirements and keep your GPA at a certain number(3.5 i think?) . Anyways, a GT is far from a rejection. It isn’t random either, they give it to people deserving of a Cornell spot after a year of alternate schooling.

@CCSenioritis Oh okay! Thanks! I’m just super into ILR and I really like it a lot!

Is ILR offering the spring admission for the first time with the class of 2020? They did not offer it ever before, even though Human Ecology did offer it for the first time with class of 2019.

Also … as far as I know, GT students cannot go to a community college for freshman year. It has to be a four-year college.


“Attend an accredited 2 or 4- year institution that provides access to the required courses for your CALS major”

That was from the CALS summary for GT offers so a community college can be applicable as long as it’s accredited and has the required courses you need before you transfer.

Also, you’re correct, ILR does not offer spring admissions, I got it mixed up with Human Ecology my bad.

Okay. But can an ILR GT go to a community college? You cited the CALS rules.


Here is your ILR summary
they allow both 2 and 4 year colleges/universities