Harvard 2024

Hey Everyone!!
I am a prospective applicant to Harvard and I am interested in learning more about the academic offerings Harvard has for students interested in politics/leadership and public service? Any students or parents who would like to chime in would be appreciated.

May I suggest you check out Harvard’s website? You will find a lot of information regarding all of its academic offerings there.

You also need to consider extracurriculars at schools you are looking at.

Yes, please check what H already shares, dept info and courses. Requirements, recomemendations, and what they want in candidates. When you want to aim high, you need this ability to pursue the info that’s already there. From them, not second hand.

I’m new to this conversation (hi everyone) but just FYI, a bunch of kids got acceptance emails emails today. So i would check if I were you!

@musicallover2040 was this a likely letter?

@hehehaha no likely letters were sent out a couple weeks ago. This was an official acceptance letter.

Not true. Please stop spreading rumors. The full committee meets all of this week and for two days at the end of next week. Official acceptances are not coming out until March 26. Period.

No it was not. Such would violate the Joint Ivy Statement on Admission Policies… Thanks for playing, though. We have some lovely parting gifts.

I know someone who claims to have gotten in and now has a large “Congrats” banner and giant balloon H in her front yard after receiving what she clearly thinks was an acceptance letter in early March. Do you think it could be for a particular major, like music or drama?

No, but she may have received a likely letter

Thanks. There are a number of our friends waiting to hear from Harvard and I wanted to know if they may have been notified. What does a “likely letter” mean? Is it a guarantee that you will be accepted? I assume not everyone gets a likely letter that will eventually get in. I do know one person who got a likely letter from Vanderbilt about 8 years ago and didn’t get in.

It’s basically an early acceptance letter subject to the same terms and conditions. You post racist memes - you’re out. You fail AP Calc - you’re out.