Harvard Extension School - Admissions

<p>WilliamHill, HES is like a Harvard executive education in that both are open to the general public, both are much cheaper than a degree from Harvard College or another Harvard graduate school, both may result in being treated as an alumnus for recordkeeping purposes and that both do not have the same payoff as another type of Harvard degree.</p>

<p>Yes, HES may sometimes use the same tests and material as at “The College”. However, so do plenty of other schools. Just Google a syllabus from a Harvard class and you’ll find that the books and test questions may not differ that much from those used at other places; for example, there are only so many textbooks for a particular college class.</p>

<p>In addition, for your point that people can do an Internet search on your HES degree and see that it’s a “real” Harvard degree: don’t you think that they might read a little about the HES and realize what it is, despite being a “real” degree? The Wikipedia page alone is pretty informative.</p>

<p>As one of my best friends says about life- and work in particular- “there’s no easy way!” If you want to disregard the advice that you’re getting here (such as from Gibby, who is one of the most knowledgeable people on this board), and think that what you’re getting from HES is a “real” Harvard degree, with the benefits of a “real” Harvard degree, in return for just a few trips to Boston and remote learning, go for it. </p>

<p>As the OP seems to have no interest in listening to much more experienced posters, this discussion does not look like it will progress further. Closing.</p>